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Title: Phone Game
Post by: Moxy on June 01, 2007, 07:51:45 PM
No idea who the original author is

I got this from RSD forums (http://www.realsocialdynamics.com/community/showthread.php?t=6792), the dude who posted it got it from somewhere else.

An area of my game that is particularly strong is my ability to talk
to girls on the phone. If a girl picks up after giving me her number,
I know that in 9 out of 10 cases, I will F-close that girl. It is
therefore a great skill to have. If you can get your skills on the
phone sorted, it will pay dividends time and time again.

I run natural game and I therefore cannot give you the conversation.
(see XXXXXX). I can however give you the principles that I have
developed that have helped me to get literally hundreds of women from
the end of a phone line, into my bed.

Some basic info:

The main goal of my phone game is to talk to them like you have known
them for years. ?Hey Carly? how?s it going??? ?What?s
going on in your world today????

I always look to build up time on the phone with that person? I am
looking to become a significant part of their life. When you start to
game a girl on the phone, there will come a point where she always
picks up your call? Where she always calls you back and gets excited
when she sees you calling. This is like a tipping point and this is
the point that we all must aim. Tipping points vary depending on each
girl and the quality of your phone game, but it is important to have
this goal in mind.

Some specific techniques / tips (in no particular order):

? I rarely say hello? especially after a few calls with that
person? I normally go straight into the conversation. ?What are
you doing?? This is exciting and it?s fun and it gets the convo
going with a good energy. I find that stopping and introducing
yourself is a little needy.

? NEVER BE NEEDY? it kills attraction fast. ?Why haven?t you
returned my call?? ?Are you ignoring me?? These are things you
should never say? If she hasn?t returned your call, don?t let it
bother you. You need to make this girl realise that you are not
hanging on her every word? that a call from her isn?t going to
make your day? that you don?t give a frag.

? Once calls are made / voicemails left, don?t dwell on them?
get on with something else. Occupy your mind with something else and
just forget about it. You can?t change the voicemail you just left
by thinking about it, so stop thinking about it. If you dwell on it,
when she does call back, your conversation will convey to her that it
bothered you... you are suddenly a needy nerd.

? Don?t ask them out the first call; focus on adding value and
create a connection. Ask her our after you have spent some time and
demonstrated some attractive qualities; she is much more likely to
say yes and flaking will be dramatically reduced.

? Get talking about topics of a sexual nature as early on in the
interaction as possible. This goes for phone game, MSN conversations
and Day 2?s. Be the sexual guy; be the sexual ball of energy.

? Voice tone ? As we all know, communication is only 7% words?
30 something percent is voice tone and the rest is body language;
this is particularly important when you are using the phone. Let your
tone of voice deliver the true meaning of the message you are trying
to convey. Once you master this skill, you can say the most shocking
and unpredictable things and they will be received with humour rather
than anger.

? Mimic their voice. This can be used over the phone or in person.
If the girl has an unusual or different accent or talks slowly or
with unusual diction, impersonate her when you speak to her.
Calibrate? Don?t just do it because I told you to do it; does she
laugh when you are doing it? Is it pushing a few buttons (it should
do because it?s cocky and that should create attraction)? Is she
sh*t testing you? If she is, carry on. Is she getting genuinely
pissed off with you for it? If she is, then don?t do it. Turkish,
Spanish, Russian? mimic their accents throughout the call? it?s

? You can create humour through repetition; I use this technique a
lot. I will pick a saying or expression that a girl uses and I will
use it repeatedly. It will be funny at first and then it will stop
being funny; I will then keep using it and what you will find is that
it actually becomes funny again. Better than that, it actually
becomes hilarious.

For example, a girl I was recently seeing was foreign; her English
wasn?t great and she constantly used the expression ?I don?t
know.? Every time she couldn?t think of a statement or comment,
she would say ?I don?t know.? I started to use this expression
with her; same words and in the same accent. It started to get really
funny and now whenever I call and speak with her, I use the same
expression 10-20 times. I pushed through the point where it was not
funny and it started getting funny again; now I reap the rewards. She
has many ?catchphrases? and many of our conversations consist of
her trying to have a normal conversation and me simply parroting back
her most recognisable lines.

Please note: If you do not understand this concept, and it doesn?t
sit well with you, then just don?t use it. I assure you, like with
all my material, it is field tested many times before, but if you
don?t understand where I am coming from, this is something that may
well have to be demonstrated for it to really sink in.

? One thing that I have been using to good effect with girl recently
is when I get them sexual, I tell them that I bet they can?t resist
me in bed. They always say? ?Yes I can?? I would then say
?OK? I bet you ?50 that if you were in my bed and we were both in
our underwear, you would not be able to resist me.? They of course
accept the bet and then come and get into my bed. They never resist.

? Give girls nicknames. This should be done on the phone and in
person. If one comes to you straight away, then use it and stick with
it? Don?t worry about sh*t tests? Keep hammering her with it and
it will stick. Every other guy is calling her Kate or Lucy or

If a nickname doesn?t come to you straight away, then you should
call them ?Miss X? with the X being the first letter of their

So you get the number of a girl names Helen Smith (and of course, she
is saved in your phone as ?Sexy Smith? (but that?s a different
topic). When you call her, you will refer to her as ?Miss S? ?

A quick case study:

You are calling her?
Helen Smith: Hello??
You: Well hello Miss S? what are you up to today?

nickname once? hammer it into them every time you refer to them.

The more interesting girls will start giving you nicknames in
return? accept them willingly? It?s a connection that you have
with this girl that very few other guys in her life have.

? Give girls multiple nicknames. I met a girl who put her name in my
phone as ?Pink Jo Panther?. So immediately, she adopted a range of
names: Pinky Pants, The Panth, Miss P etc etc?

? Swear at girls in a playful way? DON?T START BY CALLING THEM A
you know female thingy. ?Swearing escalation? is like kino
escalation or sexual escalation. You need to start slowly and when
they accept it, move forward. Keep your voice tone playful.. ?
Cow? Bitch? You bastard? you wanker? you frag head? you
piece of sh*t? you you know female thingy. I am swearing at every
girl I frag. It?s fun? it?s so offensive, it?s actually non-
offensive and no other guys are swearing at them like that. Be the
guy who is strong enough to do that sh*t and it will pay you rewards.

? Ask questions and listen to responses? fact find about them and
listen for commonalities.

? Have conversations with other people when you are on the phone ?
it?s non-needy and demonstrates dominance ? both of which are good
qualities to demonstrate. It lets her know that you are not dropping
everything to speak with her. She is no one special... It?s natural.

Chat chat chat?.
?Hang on a sec? Westy? where the frag are my shoes?... Ok? so

THEM? The first call is often deemed the pressure call because if
you mess things up, it could be game over. Doing something keeps the
mind active and makes you less concerned about what she is saying and
the manner in which she is saying it. Why do sales people pace when
they are making a sales call? Don?t be sat in the corner of your
bedroom with every word crushing your frame. Make a bed, sort some
washing out, tidy your room, be driving somewhere. Just make sure
that you are engaged in some activity.

I always tell them what I am doing as I am doing it ? involve them
in the experience. It just sounds more natural.

Her: blah blah
Me: Hang on a second? OK? just take a left here and then it?s?
hang on? well? where the bloody hell is Falmer Road??? What a
nightmare. These multimaps are sh*t.

I have girls on the phone when I am brushing my teeth.

Me: I?m just doing my teeth? Keep talking? [brush brush brush]
? keep talking.

I gargle down the phone and away we go.

You may think that you when you are doing something else, you can?t
concentrate on what she?s saying. EXACTLY. The first few
conversations should never really be too much about what she says. It
should be about what you say and you conveying your value to her as
that is what?s going to get her interested. Furthermore, as the
calls go on, you are listening, but you are not hanging on her every

It?s a great frame to have as it is not needy; you are not dropping
everything, hanging on her every word. You are merely involving her
in your everyday life; it?s natural and it makes for natural

Mini Case Study:
I buy food as I eat it; as a result, I am in Tescos every day. I
always call girls when I am food shopping. I tell them what I am
doing; I ask for their advice on what to cook. I chat in nonchalant
?not that bothered? kind of fashion. I just involve them in my
life and it really seems to work. There is never a dry spell in the
interaction because I am constantly doing something. I can also
demonstrate to a girl that I can cook; that sets me above quite a few
guys right there .

? Call multiple girls in a row and leave the hottest one until
last ? you will develop good ?chat? and you will reveal a good
few talking points that you want to carry into the next conversation.

? Use call-back humour to get the humour flowing at the start of the

Eg ?Who?s that???? It?s gay-boy.

? Do funny short little calls.

She picks up: ?Do you love me today?? [then hang up]
?What are you doing??
?I really want a blow job.?
?Should I buy chicken or steak for dinner??

It?s funny and it?s unpredictable and these are both attractive

? Try to do a lot of second date stuff on the phone. I regularly do
all my day2 stuff on the phone, which means I am just meeting them
for sex? More tips on why this is so good and how to do this later.

? If you been sexual with this girl in the past, remind her of what
you have done. ?I have kissed you.? ?Let me remind you that you
have gone down on me.? It?s cocky, it?s fun, it?s confident,
no other guys do it and it reminds them how attractive they found you.

? For all you TMM junkies? a ROUTINE!!!!! When you are not so
strong on the phone, have a go to story. (When you first call a
girl) ? This is a story that you can go to when the convo dries up.
Interestingly enough, just having that story there should make you
more relaxed and therefore reduce the chace of you actually needing it.

Stuff to say

Eg?. I saw something hilarious today? ?a man fell over on the
underground and his wig fell off? blah blah blah??

See? watch how my method and TMM seamlessly integrates with each

? Never let a call go dead? the length of the call is not
important? keeping it lively, fun and interesting is. If you feel it
dying, get the frag off the line ? NEVER ALLOW HER TO FINISH IT.

Always look to end calls? you end MSN conversations? You lead.

? Have phone sex with them if you can ? Keep getting the
conversation sexual; then move from there. Phone sex stuff? Often
good to do when they are drunk?. If I was there now I would pin you
down and press my chest against you?. I would get in between your
legs wearing just my tight black Calvin Kleins and then I would grind
down into you?. I would grab a hand full of your hair and pull it
hard so that it was almost too painful?. I would kiss your neck deep
and then move down to your tits? I would kiss all over your body?
My strong hands would be all over your body.

Practice, practice, practice ? You will not wake up tomorrow and
just be a master at using the phone because you read my post on phone
game. It may be hard for you at first, but you verbal skills will
develop with dedication and practice using your phone.