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Title: Using PUA skills to land a dream job
Post by: Mystic on June 15, 2013, 03:18:29 PM
Interesting article I found on Neil Strauss's website

I was talking to a Society Ambassador last week, who told me he was having an interesting dilemma when he went out sarging. He wasn’t just getting phone numbers; he was getting jobs.

So I asked him to write up a “field report” explaining what he was doing, and what he meant exactly. I wanted to share it with all of you, and help set off a lightbulb for many of you about other applications of the material you’ve learned. Enjoy. And use wisely, of course.

So on the call Sunday with Style, he asked me to do a field report on using our PUA skills to land jobs. As a funny twist of fate, I have been remiss in doing this all week because I’ve been working at a new job! Here’s the success I’ve had with it, and then I’ll explain how I did it: In the last six months I’ve lost my job due to government cuts, got another job, was offered two other jobs, and finally landed a dream job for myself.

On one of the offers made, they started off by offering me $15/hr, and I was able to “seduce” the interviewer and convince him to pay me $25/hr! I almost doubled my salary, simply by knowing what to say and when to say it. The other was while I was in Florida on vacation and, unsolicited, was offered a job working at a hotel on the beach in Pensacola. I didn’t even realize I was seducing the guy into offering me a job!

And now I have a job working in a field that I have been trying to get into for years, yet I have no certifications or any credentials for this work. Additionally, I make just shy of a 6-figure salary now, more than doubling my income pretty much overnight. Here’s now I applied it:

First, I researched the most commonly asked questions in a job interview. I viewed these like shit tests or LMR I might get during a sarge. So then I developed ways to combat them, depending on what I was interviewing for. Next I really memorized my resume, and took this like a DHV routine. This is where I was going to sell myself. It also helped me stay consistent with what they were expecting of me. Not many people actually have their resume memorized. Sometimes in interviews you will get a shit test off your resume where they ask you the dates you worked this job or that, what year you started college, what you did for your third to last employer, etc. This is all stuff you encounter with women during sarging, especially from an obstacle. So having my resume memorized and knowing the details of it avoided any of that.

Next, I rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed my “opener.” This is basically when you walk into the interview and they say, “tell me a bit about you,” and I had an answer that was laid down perfectly and very well presented. It takes work to make it sound unrehearsed and sincere (I really was sincere, but I didn’t wanna forget anything because of being nervous), just like a regular opener. Many times I saw raised eyebrows in surprise, and even with my current job I saw delight on his face. I could tell I was definitely making a good impression right off the bat.

Lastly, I learned about the company. Many people forget about this, but it’s really no different than reading Cosmo or Redbook to be familiar with the topics a girl would bring up. Yes, I actually read those magazines so that when a girl begins talking about something out of the magazine, I can connect and make that emotional connection and develop that. So learning about the company has the same effect. When I start talking to them intelligently about their last quarter’s sales, their latest product release, the memo I saw from the CEO in the local newspaper or whatever, it’s identical to chick crack. They eat it up, and it helps to build an emotional connection with them.

Then I just determined what their ego feeders were. Did they like to be talked to intelligently? Did they want to be wowed with stats and education? Or would talking football for two minutes make me their best buddy? I did a cold read in my head, determined what type of personality they were, and I spoonfed them whatever massaged their egos. Before long. things were rolling for me.

Nothing I did was all that different from sarging, it was just more like a “first date” than a cold approach, for the most part. However, on the Florida job I didn’t even realize I was seducing him until he offered for me to come to the Moonlight Party at the hotel and meet his staff. It was only when I asked why he wanted me to meet his staff that I learned he was offering me a job, and he wanted me to meet them to know more about them. I didn’t even realize I had just had a job interview right there on the beach, and all I had done was DHV myself and share some stories—I made such an impression the gentleman was willing to pay me money!

Now I’m working in the job I wanted, doing something I love and making great money, all because I just applied the skills I have from sarging and turned them into an advantage for myself in the job world as well. This stuff isn’t just for getting laid or finding Mrs. Right—this has applications in every facet of your life, if you know how to use it!

Title: Re: Using PUA skills to land a dream job
Post by: 2xs on June 18, 2013, 06:50:03 PM
Sweet read.