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Title: THE CLAW (of destiny), The BIG HAPPY BABY, et al
Post by: Moxy on February 22, 2007, 01:24:44 AM
(Written by Tim from RSD)

Ok so your about to talk to that girl... you better remember to...


That means grab her (the claw has to be seen in its true form for real appreciation of the technique, firmness and majesty)... and claw her into you in the FIRST 2 MINS ! If you cannot claw in the first two mins you are NOT approaching right.

The way you grab a girl with 100% belief and POWER demostrates the belief and POWER that you have over your LIFE. She knows instantly she feels that powerful claw rope her in that he is a MAN.

The claw must be done with 100 % belief. There is no CLAW without 100 % belief... The claw ALWAYS gets the girl.


the claw is a new method that im teaching in my bootcamps now. The true origins are kept sacred to the recent Amsterdam boys and I be sure to mention them whenever I introduce this new technique.

I just finished up with a student in Sweden and he got taught the CLAW !

In one instance he clawed the girl in and her friend was trying to throw the claw off. It got thrown a couple of times then GREW STRONGER IN ITS MAJESTIC BEAUTY! The claw prevailed in pulling the girl right away from her friend till she gave up !

We then spontaneously burst into the song of the claw:

"The claw always WINS!
the claw always WINS!
have no fear just

Please accept this song and chant it in prayer when lording over the club !

So much glory
RSD Executive Coach

Post by: Moxy on February 22, 2007, 01:28:31 AM
Here's a clip from the RSD blog (http://realsocialdynamics.blogspot.com/2007/01/more-on-new-rsd.html)

Learning "natural" game is basically just learning to approach with that same total CONFIDENCE and ANTICIPATION OF FRIENDLINESS that you had when you're telling a great story, but instead of anticipating a great response for the great story, you anticipate a great response for YOU.

This is almost like a girl's frame --> also a lot like a child's frame.

One of the clues for me was when Neil Strauss said that Tommy Lee approaches people like a "big happy baby."

I thought that was a great line and I've fully adopted it. I just approach sort of in the role that I'm a big happy baby, never wounded, never have had a problem in life --> and as my buddy Ariel said, feeling CONNECTED to the world rather than disconnected and having to be above or below it.

It's funny, but the fact you're able to come from that place of security winds up sub-communicating a lot about you -- maybe as much as being the "leader of men" or whatever.

I still think you've got to be the man and be the shit, but I also think that for guys who?ve taken on those behaviours for a few months that it?s so internalized that doing it consciously at this point is just try-hard.

There is no way we could ever go back to acting like chodes so any effort to the contrary is really wasted energy.