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1  Encyclopedia / ReadMe First! / Re: High quality forums / websites on: November 15, 2010, 12:10:49 AM
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2  Encyclopedia / Articles / Walking like a duck [RSD Ryan] on: June 22, 2010, 02:08:44 AM
If it walks like a duck, and it talks like a duck, than it probably is a duck.

Makes sense right? Well this idea applies hugely to pick-up – allow me to explain…

Have you ever noticed that it’s hard to be unhappy when you smile? Or that you immediately feel looser the instant you take that first sip of your cocktail? What’s happening here is that you’re associating these behaviors with the way you typically feel when engaging them. Your mind is backwards rationalizing – saying “oh, I’m smiling, I smile when I’m happy, therefore I must be happy” or “ah, I’m drinking a cocktail, I’m looser and more relaxed when I drink, therefore I’ll loosen up and relax”.

Well, between our natural instincts and our societal preprogramming, both males and females have similar triggers with regards to feeling attraction and wanting sex. Take for instance a male talking to an attractive female. Odds are he’s going to try to:

1.) Establish commonalities with her. Most likely this will take the form of asking a ton of mundane questions until he hits one he can relate to, i.e. “what kind of music do you like? … Oh cool! I love Pearl Jam”.

2.) Qualify himself to her. In the beginning he’ll talk about his job, how he makes good money and lives a fun lifestyle. He’ll also avoid disagreement at all costs and even hedge previous statements. For instance:

Guy: I love hamburgers. Girl: oh, I’m a vegetarian. Guy: Oh really? I’ve been wanting to do that. I’m trying to eat healthy so I’ve slowly been cutting meat out of my diet.

3.) Establish physical closeness or contact. Depending on how socially competent he is, the degree to which he does this will vary.

So then, in a given interaction, if you see these 3 things taking place it’s a safe bet to assume the guy is seeking to align with the girl who he perceives as having high value – most likely her attractiveness and sex value.

Interestingly enough, girls do the same things with a few minor twists.

For instance, rather than telling about their professional accomplishments, a girl will tell a man she likes about how she loves to cook, went to the gym, or is ‘a cool, drama-free girl’ – basically obvious things girls perceive as being valuable to guys.

So then, in a PU something of immense importance is getting the girl to “walk like a duck” – getting her to exhibit the same behaviors she would when trying to attract a guy she really likes. If you can make it LOOK and FEEL like she’s the one chatting you up, you’re creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and greatly increasing your chances of closing.

So then, what are some of these behaviors?

1.) Physical positioning – When a girl flirts with a guy she likes, he’s usually the relaxed ‘anchored’ one and she’s the one “talking in”. Meaning, he’s leaning against the wall while she’s standing facing him. Or he’s reclined and she’s sitting next to him with her legs turned towards him. Well, this can be pretty easily simulated by making sure that you are at all times at least as physically comfortable as the girl, if not more so. This means, if she’s standing, you’re leaning against something. If she’s leaning, you’re sitting. And if she’s sitting, you’re reclining. When you open, as you stand “on the outside” your value drops, you need to create the visual effect that she’s the one chatting to you ASAP. Usually you can just grab her by her arms, and move her a few feet so that you’re leaning against the bar/wall and she’s facing you.

It’s impossible to list out all the logistic ways this applies, but bottom line it should look like she’s hitting on you.

Also, have you ever noticed when you really spike a girl’s attraction, her head tilts down and her eyes look up at you? (DDB) Again, you can easily simulate this by simply keeping your head positioned above hers – certainly don’t feel like you need to engage her at eye level.

Another cool little thing…sometimes girls go into these little rant-like monologues. When they do, try letting your eyes wander around the room like you’re losing interest…just like girls do when guys start telling them about their job. It will look to everyone there like she’s trying to impress you with some story and you’re less than interested…she’ll pick up on this as well…after all, it’s the same thing she does when chodes start qualifying to her.

2.) Dialogue – When girls flirt with guys, they A.) seek rapport via asking questions. B.) Seek to highlight commonalities. C.) Talk about the traits that they think the man will value. With a little bit of conversational savvy, you can pretty easily get the girl harping on all 3 of these. Firstly, don’t ask lame questions. The time to exchange life details (job, residence, ect) will come – don’t be the one to initiate it. Also, when she asks you questions, prolong the sequence by giving less forthcoming than she’d expect. Ex:

Her: Where are you from? You: Give it a guess. Her: Ummm, Los Angeles? You: Haha, Terrible Guess! Her: Hahahha, I don’t know! Where? You: Haha, no worries, I’m from the East Coast. Have you spent much time in Europe? Her: Yeah, I was in Italy last spring – wait a minute – where on the East Coast? You: Oh awesome, I grew up in New York, how long were you there for?

So, above we have a totally natural sequence of dialogue, which even if the girl isn’t interested in the guy she’ll still go along with. At the same time though, the way she is almost forced to prod for the exact location is identical to the way she’d prod a guy she really likes for information.

With regards to B.) getting her to highlight commonalities, this can also be verbally orchestrated. For example:

You: I love ice cream, how about you? Her: Oh me too. You: Cool, I like mint chocolate chip, what’s your favorite flavor? Her: I like strawberry. You: Oh man, those two are like polar opposites, haha, I bet we have complete different taste in food. Her: No they’re not, they’re both sweet and they are both ice cream. Besides, I don’t always eat strawberry, I like mint chocolate chip too.

Ok, so ice cream is a lame example, but fact is, as a hot girl who’s not yet attracted to you she’s not likely to initiate seeking a commonality with you. So what you did is created a commonality (everyone loves ice cream), then took it away (different flavors). Her natural reaction is going to be to re-create that connection by convincing you of the commonality. Just like she would used to try to convince the captain of the football team they liked the same music ;-)

With regards to C.) - just do a search on qualification – plenty has been written on this already.

3.) Physical Contact/Kino: Girls are very touchy/feely with guys they like. Again, this can be simulated. We’re all familiar with The Almighty Claw, in all it’s glory. When you claw (arm around shoulder), what does it look like? It looks like you’re a confident guy who’s comfortable with physical contact and also feels a closeness with the girl. This is a great start, but take it one step further – next time you claw, reach behind your own back and guide her to put her arm around your waist. Now you look like a couple…you’re “together”.

Don’t be shy about guiding her to reciprocate kino – if they’re ok with you’re touching them, they’ll most often be fine with touching you in the same way.

We all know what female-to-male attraction looks like…heck we’re bombarded with it everyday in mainstream media. So next time you’re interacting with a girl, think about how things would “look” to an outsider, and align as much of that as you can with how it would look if she were desperately trying to flirt with you. Physical positioning, dialogue, and kino are just a few easily adjusted elements that can greatly change the appearance of an interaction and trigger in her mind “Well, I’m leaning into him, trying to create commonalities, and touching him…I must really like him”.

Cheers, Sparky
3  Encyclopedia / Articles / I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure out “the secret” of the game… on: June 22, 2010, 01:50:47 AM
(by Prince of Persia)

I’m sitting here typing this with the gooey gel of Crest Whitestrips stuck to the edge of my gums. I can feel the bitter taste percolate to the roof of my mouth… like peanut butter but far less edible.

The last few days have been interesting.

Kind of a snowball effect.

I’m a big believer in momentum when it comes to this self-actualization stuff. I think it’s the key. On a day when I finish my work, I feel driven to hit up the gym too. Then I’m gonna go get a tan like a massive poser guido, and grab a protein shake. Then I’m gonna stick in my Crest Whitestrips and tickle my mouth with peroxide while I do my best to offer value to you fine fellows. Then I’m gonna go meditate, then I’m gonna go out and socialize or find a lady friend to spend time with.

On a day where I don’t finish my work, I might decide to “take a break” and play some Halo 3 on my Xbox 360. Some 11 year-old on the other end of the microphone may convince me that there is no hope for the future of our species. Then I’m gonna go open a tub of ice cream and eat begrudgingly until the tub is done or the game is over. Then I’m gonna go look at some porn, jack off, and go to bed.

You see how it works? Pretty funny… but in some form or another it’s probably similar for most of you.

Anyways. Just wanted to make that point. So I achieved a more lasting momentum by beginning my week-long positivity challenge (that I posted up about last Monday). As Borat would say, great success, I win me! But in the process I uncovered a lot about this whole game than I thought I would. Let me share…

So first I made sure I didn’t allow ANY negativity in ANY of my interactions. It was hard and required a lot of mindfulness. Sometimes I’d just realize I’m having a negative conversation and say “sorry, but you’re gonna make me fail my positivity challenge” and walk away from the person. Shit like that amuses me, and also accomplishes the goal. Which is surrounding yourself with positive (aka worthwhile) people.

All the while I found myself having to force smiles and laughter. I wondered why that was. At first I attributed it to my shitty sense of humour. That’s probably the actual reason. But I realized it’s because, deep down, I hate myself. I don’t respect myself. It’s just covered up by all these behaviours carefully designed by my ego to convince me I’m worthy of others. But never bothering to look in… because if I did, I would see the ego and its lying eyes.

So here’s the secret of the game.

You just have to like yourself.

That’s it. Just like yourself more than you hate yourself. And then embrace the parts of you that you hate, and they will dissolve as if they never existed.

This was lingering on the tip of my tongue until I read Jedi’s recent response to Flannery’s LR, which spelled it out for me: “You finally rate yourself, and chicks see this at the core. They see straight through your looks and see the belief at the core. This is the secret to game.”

This truly is the fucking secret. The best kept secret.

Just genuinely like yourself, and everything follows.

The second I realized this, I immediately put it into effect.

All of my success over the past couple days has stemmed directly from this single effort. To just like myself.

When you like yourself, you are implicitly shining the light on all the things you don’t like. They become loveable quirks. Expendable. They disappear, and all that is left is that which you truly value.

Feeling good inside your body comes from this.

Right action and self-respect comes from this.

State comes from this.

On some level I realized I was just giving away my power all along. My entire life I’ve been doing it. As Tyler put it in the BP, “subtly giving your power away in ways no one ever really even wanted you to.” I was doing this all along and it was incredibly subtle. I would always give up the dominant position to the other person. Within the first glance, and if not, the first words, and if not, the first minute. The only exceptions were the people my mind told me I “could dominate.” Obviously a very ego based mindset.

Now I’m not saying you should TRY to dominate people. But I’ve found that when you don’t give your power away by being chodey, or doing things you subconsciously know will get you blown out, or assuming the other person has the dominant reality, then you will automatically dominate them. Ultimately you want to come to a point where you’re equal to everyone, and that’s the way you see things, but in the mean time, when you TRUST YOURSELF, and go with what you know is right, people will naturally give up THEIR reality to YOU.

Like, I’m an actor, and I applied this concept to my scenes today. I felt I did horribly, and thought back on all my mediocre performances and tried to figure out what separated them from the phenomenal, nimbus-tastic performances. It was this: in my mediocre performances, I was pinging for reactions from the audience to validate that I was acting well, and I was pinging from my fellow actors for the way they reacted to me to see how freely I could make the scene my own. In my nimbownage scenes, I always trusted in myself, expressed myself creatively in the way I thought was best for the scene with no second thoughts to how it would be received, and instead of pinging, just felt vibes as best I could. This is also the key in game – to prevent yourself from becoming a sheltered, strong-headed hermit, simply FEEL THE VIBE around you instead of MENTALLY PINGING.

Now, here comes the good shit.

Oh baby.

Okay, you know how you try to take on a new social identity and it kind of flounders and you slip in and out of it and you beat yourself up for not being consistent?

Well… I’m trying to think of a way to express this in words. It’s really difficult to even remotely convey what I mean.

All I can say is that I can suddenly really relate to Android in his “I see infinite and it scares me” thread.

It’s like, when you connect to reality itself, you realize THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS.

You can do ANYTHING.

I don’t wanna get into another Neo in the Matrix rant so let’s just apply this socially speaking.

Basically, I’ve been in the moment nonstop for like two days now. About 90% of the time. It is fucking unreal.

Surreal. But at the same time, so real.

K checkit.

It’s like this.

When you realize that the moment is “the only thing that ever exists,” you’re like “nice… you can shut up now, hippy.” But thinking of it in this way totally changed my perspective: the moment is the only thing that you can ever CONTROL. When you want to be awesome, and you want to live fully, and experience everything to the greatest extent, and you want to be who you want to be… the only way you can do this is by BEING IN THE MOMENT COMPLETELY, ALL THE TIME. If you only do this socially and not by yourself, you’ll feel like a lie. You have to live in this way. That’s how you get in touch with your higher self.

Some part of me was always scared to enter the moment fully because I felt I’d lose my personality or some bullshit like that.

But the reason Ecky calls it the POWER of NOW is because when you’re always in the moment you are coming into your power. Your true power.

It’s hard to explain. You have to experience it for yourself.

A big part of this is not half assing anything. Taking everything to the hilt, living it to the fullest. If you’re doing something calm, fine, do it calmly, but do it with the utmost attention and presence. If you’re singing and dancing, don’t think twice about who might be watching. Rock the fuck out!

Something Ecky said that just clicked for me now after practicing this is that when you’re present, everything you do is QUALITY. This is just so awesome. Unraveling the toilet paper. Opening a textbook. Walking up the stairs.

Acting. Working. Fucking.

As long as you do it with total presence, YOU will notice the massive increase in quality, and so will others.

The second major benefit I’ve noticed from being present all the time is the ABSENCE OF NEEDINESS. If you’re in the moment, you’re happy or comfortable or peaceful in the moment. You don’t need anything… validation, approval, sex, certainty, anything. Before I was trying to “be non-needy” and this works sometimes but becomes pretty apparent as a state of doing and not being sooner or later.

I can’t place enough emphasis on self-trust here. Remember this all stems from liking yourself. When you like yourself, you trust yourself, and you respect yourself enough to ensure everything you do is done with quality, as a byproduct of being totally present.

But when you trust yourself… oh, holy shit. You instantly access whatever imprint you need. It’s fucking awesome. That’s the only way I can describe it to you. Everything comes out with conviction, self-assured. Not even slightly pinging or requesting approval. People do this so subtly it’s absurd. Conscious competence first. Work on it.

I can’t even tell you how much my game has improved from trusting myself completely. My words come out just the right way, I’m completely confident, I have no superfluous or approval seeking mannerisms. You are completely centered in your reality. Haha, when I used to hear “that guy is centered” I was like “yeah, so what you’re saying is that he’s a boring piece of shit.” No, totally wrong. This is the essence of masculine polarity. This is how you become naturally screening.

(by Pimp of Persia)

I mean, if you want empirical proof, I’m getting checked out by everyone, constantly. People are reacting to me, hardcore, all the time. I’m completely certain of what I say and do because I trust myself, so I tend to dominate people absolutely. When I say I’m completely certain, I mean you can be certain of being uncertain. Like if you say “I’m not sure…” you say it in a way that conveys you’re sure you’re not sure. This is a state of being, not doing. It’s about being the person you always knew you were capable of being without regard to your ego that was just making rationalizations as to why you shouldn’t.

All right, I wanted to touch on the concept of identity, because my views on it have changed lately… but this is already one long mofo of a short story. We’ll leave it at that. Maybe later.

Peace, love and soul, brothas…

4  Encyclopedia / Articles / 28 points, Article By Alexander~ on: March 28, 2010, 06:08:43 PM
From http://alexattitude.com/?p=161

These are the first 28 points that come to mind, in no order of importance, I may have left some things out, but there are the most common mistakes of natural game that I see being made all the time.

1. Be yourself. Be your best self. Be a man. Take responsibility. Take action. Trust yourself. You are enough. These are all one and the same thing. Where people get lost is in idea of transition or change, acting out of character or whatever. Forget all that. Being yourself means following your core purpose and purest intentions –free from socially conditioned influence. You will make mistakes when you do this, but that’s natural because interactions are subjective. Responsiveness is the answer to ‘interaction mistakes’. Being your best self means ‘you plus you taking responsibility in life’. Your physical nature as a man, and your nurture that is individually unique to only you that sets you apart.

2. Be natural. It’s better to be natural and do things that pick up would say are wrong, than to do the perfect pick up according to the ‘book. If the pickup is too perfect, if you seem too seamless as a person you won’t come off as normal and you the girl won’t take you seriously. When your being natural you make mistakes. This makes sense to the girl. In fact, you should make lots of mistakes, you prove your worth (DHV) when you deal with your own mistakes and other turbulence.

3. Don’t calculate and micromanage. One of the first things girls look for is evidence of the ‘cogs in your head grinding’ to see if you second guessing yourself and if yourself aware. If you are self aware, calculating your game, and trying to micromanage the interaction the girl will instantly put you in the ‘not alpha male’ category and you are done – even if you can string the set out a bit. If you’re not self aware, not calculating not micromanaging – that is to say if your present, in the moment and not self aware you communicate to the girls that ‘you are enough’ and they categorise you as an alpha male and attractive. This is what you want, its only when you second guess yourself that you shoot yourself in the foot. So trust yourself and keep things moving forwards for your own sake.

4. Be unapologetic. This is the key to showing you are congruence with who you are. Even if you ‘fuck up’ you didn’t mean to, and you didn’t intent to offend anyway. Unapologetic is the key to getting away with anything, similar to Stifler or James Bond. When your unapologetic you can do what you want, get away with it, and ultimately people will react to you, you don’t react to them, you’re the source of a range of emotions and stimulation and this makes you a man of value to them.

5. As a man, there is nothing someone can give you that you can’t get for yourself. As a result of natural evolution men have become socially and emotionally autonomous where as women are not. If you need people, especially women – on any level, especially for ego validation or sense of self – you’re being a bitch. You will never be attractive. Remember that when you go out: your sense of self and fulfilment is something you can achieve on your own, this is not true for a woman. Realising this is the key to a natural’s frame.

6. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. In life, time will tick away whether you like it or not. Time is a constant. Whatever you are doing in that constant of time will be reinforced. If you are getting out there taking action, moving forward, taking responsibility you will either achieve things or learn things, making way for other achievements. The worst thing you can do with your time is nothing. Staying home, not going to the gym, not approaching, or ejecting for a worthwhile set. If you aren’t winning or learning something at every point in time in your life you will be out of congruence with your ‘man-of-action’ innate trait and you will feel bad. When you win and when you learn you feel good. Get out there. There is no failure, there is just competent and not-yet-competent.

7. Whatever you feel, she feels. Remember that women don’t judge you on your status, they don’t judge you on your looks or even on your words. They judge you and react to you based on what feeling you influence them with. That said, its most important that you are always feeling good. Best way to do this is to be a man of action with a path in life, someone who is ballsy and risk taking, someone who is daring and someone who sets out with positive intentions. You were born feeling good with self esteem, so you know that if you get back to natural state then you will feel good. Its only when you try and force things or unnatural do you lose your default good feeling. Be natural, be relaxed and you will achieve the very important goal of feeing good most of the time, and automatically make all girls feel good most of the time. You will be a fun guy to be around.

8. State is chill, not fireworks. This is a big one, most guys have no idea that state is not something exciting, not something flashy or even something extravagant, the coolest people you have known in your life and alpha males all have a chill vibe about them. This is true state, what Jeffy calls a burning coal. It is EASY to be consistently chilled-out or relaxed, it’s as simple as adopting an ‘it’s all good attitude’ and having some willpower to not let petty things get under your skin. If you’re always operating from an ‘it’s all good’ attitude, and you don’t get into bad state by letting people or incidences (the external world) get to you, then simply taking actions of your own choice (following your core) will ignite the nimbus. You will draw state from within. As a man it’s when you’re doing something you want to do that you’re most aroused. You influence others with this arousal and it makes you attractive. This state, unlike fireworks state, is the infinite well and never burns out – making you always attractive.

9. Other’s ARE socially conditioned, have empathy. It doesn’t matter what you have read or what manipulative tricks you know, IF WHAT YOUR DOING DOENST GEL WITH ANOTHER PERSON’S REALITY THEN YOUR NOT GOING TO FIT INTO THAT REALITY. What that means is, if what you’re doing –as good or as slick as you may think it is- doesn’t make sense to the people you are doing it to, you will simply be ignored or not taken seriously. Have an awareness of how those around you are socially conditioned and be responsive to that. Start within the constraints of that, then lead the interaction in your direction – your reality. Just as important, if you continue on, not aware that the way your approaching people doesn’t make sense to them, they will think you lack empathy and give rise to ‘ignore’ responses or straight up blow outs. Be calibrated, use your brains and your empathy.

10. If the girl isn’t gaming you, you’re not going to have sex with the girl. It’s true that people value something they have to work for, or something they think of as higher value than them. And this can be confusing if you are learning cold approach pick up. ‘How can I approach her, then, get the girl gaming me?’ Furthermore, to think that you have to game the girl implies that you are lesser than her, and this implication with become a self fulfilling prophecy to the girl you are interacting with. After all, the way you approach her is the way she makes up her mind about you. The way to get the girl gaming you is in the VALUE INVERSION POINT, what some people call the transition or the point when you go from 90/10 to 50/50 talking ratios. Go in chat, even entertain her and arouse emotions. Then withdraw. This usually elicits a question from the girl. Usually something chodely like ‘where are you from?’ or ‘what do you do?’. This is her gaming you, once you get this going, keep it going, answer with statements (obviously), express yourself to inspire attraction and she will continue to game you. The more she finds herself gaming you (unlike the way guys usually try and game her) the more she will find herself liking you and the closer you’ll be to sleeping with the girl.

11. Whatever you do, DON’T try for rapport. There are many levels of communication when two people interact and there are subsets of communications within them. To name a few there are verbal, non verbal and physical ways to communicate; and if you want to be more technical there are logical modalities and emotional modalities, direct or indirect. The modalities aren’t as important as using them to ensure you don’t try for rapport. In any interaction people automatically fall into a role of high value and low value. If you’re trying for rapport you will automatically communicate low value, if you don’t, you won’t communicate low value. To try and break rapport is tricky, and to force it is actually a form of trying for rapport. What you will find is that when you are completely natural, as a man, you never try for rapport, and others automatically respond by taking on a subordinate value to you.

12. The girl is down to fuck until otherwise proven innocent. And most guys shoot themselves in the foot pretty quickly, sometimes before they even approach. Many guys fail to realise that girls are constantly on the lookout for that ‘special guy’, in the same way we are on the lookout for that one hot girl in a bikini. To guys, a girl’s looks set her apart. But girls judge a guy’s behaviour, the way you behave is where your potential to be seen as a special guy lies. So when you start an interaction deep down she’s hoping to meet an awesome guy – but doesn’t expect to, and she wouldn’t even know what that looks like when it ran some game on her. If you don’t do anything offensive, or socially retarded to get yourself blown out then you give her a chance to start FINDING in you the things she wants in a guy. Interpretation of behaviour is very subjective, and it helps that the girl is making a conscious effort in life to interpret guys in the way she hopes to see them. So do less, stay in set, don’t shoot yourself in the foot and the you give the girl a chance to be attracted to you.

13. Proactive DHV’s communicate lower value. The ideal of demonstrating higher value is as important in the game now as it ever was. But to go out of your way to demonstrate value to someone is really demonstrating lower value. To tell a clever DHV story to a girl, to do a magic trick or to run some elaborate routine is unnecessary. Proactive DHV’s are the actions of man with a mindset that ‘he is not good enough just as he is’; as opposed to a guy who just assumes value. Girls derive their attraction to you, or not, based on your mindset (which automatically generates your behaviours and autopilot responses). Proactive DHV’s is like showing a girl your Ferrari Key chain – no good because your saying to the girl that guy hiding behind the key chain isn’t enough. If you’re a cool guy the girls will know automatically, if you’re not cool they will know just as quickly.

14. Beating congruence test’s is the way to overtly DHV. If you have even known a cool person in your life you will know that it wasn’t them who convinced you they were cool, someone eluded you to the fact, or their value or ‘coolness’ became apparent when they successfully dealt with a testing situation. They don’t need to convince you they’re cool because they’re already aware they are, you only realise they’re cool once you get to know them. These types of guys are usually extremely chill and unstifled. In the club, what this translates to, is being nicely conversational and expressive. As you talk to the girl you’re bound to elicit congruence tests because that’s what girls do, and the way they interpret you is subjective. If you get a test, an awkward lull in conversation, a ‘we have to go with our friends’, an ‘ I have to go to the bathroom’ or a personal challenge from the girl this is your opportunity to demonstrate higher value with a Positive-Dominant response. You overtly show you can think for yourself, deal with tricky situations, are unreactive and you go for what you want.

15. Confidence is binary; you’re either confident or you’re a complete chode. You can’t be ninety percent confident. ‘Close but almost confident’ really means that you are just a bitch – or pretending to be a chode. The best understanding I have of confidence is confidence happens when you perceive that nothing holds you back. That’s why five year old kids can be just as confident as multi billionaires or rock stars. It’s all about not having a care in the world. Girl make a very quick attraction judgement based on your confidence which is conveyed in your behaviours. If you hold yourself back in any way… you lose. If you don’t put any mental obstacles between yourself and what you are out to achieve your confident; you’re attractive.

16. ‘Uncomfortable’ is the magic word. You know how many chodes complain that with girls ‘no means yes and yes means no’, this isn’t exactly true but it is true that girls don’t logically communicate what they’re emotionally feeling. Why do they do this? To see what your made of, if you trust yourself and if you have balls. It’s a pure alpha-ness and attractiveness gauge. Most guys don’t realise that girls very rarely communicate socially in the logical and verbal realm, most of what is said becomes redundant, and when you open your eyes to the emotional channels you will understand women much better. Most guys take a simple no, or a lack of enthusiasm from women as gospel, when realy its just a test. I can guarantee that you can take most sets or interactions MUCH further than you think you can, and she wants to see if you have the balls to. Sometimes you will be miscalibrated or you will reach your limits of the set or escalation… you will know when the limit of the interaction is when the girls uses the word ‘uncomfortable’ or any translation of that.

17. Indications of interest is when the girl is quiet and attentive. Did you used to read the old emails that advocated that a girl liked you when she licked her lips/played with her hair/touched your arm/took off her skirt? Most did, and most guys are looking for some kind of guidelines to when a girl likes him so he can eliminate the risk of rejection and his chode world coming collapsing down. What’s worse is when you’re searching for traditional ‘IOI’s’ you set out to suck them out of the girl which makes your behaviour even worse. Furthermore, girls rarely think to themselves ‘yes Jessica, I like this guy, I hope he will kiss me in the night’ I’m sure that does happen, but if you’re waiting for that then you’re not going to get the girl because you will miss your window of opportunity. A part of her liking you is when you assume she is interested in you, she will be attracted to a guy with that reality. So, f your still looking for a way to tell if a girl might be interesting in becoming attracted to you look for the ones that are nervous and attentive to you. Quiet, but paying attention to you. This is the same behaviour that a guy would exhibit for a girl that he was very attracted to.

18. Don’t ‘know’; grow. If you’re coming into the community looking to learn how to become a guy who is good with girls it makes sense to you that you need to logically learn something in order to become a guy who is good with girls. No, the game isn’t about learning – the game is all about growing. The reason why ideas, moves and techniques can be appealing is the way they inflate your ego and your false sense of self. Really, knowing inflates your ego, messes up your identity and suppresses your natural self beneath it. To learn human interaction is a intuitive, intangible thing and very difficult to measure. Unless you have academy award winning acting skills there is no way to truly fake it till you make it with learned knowledge because incongruence will still be communicated. Use the knowledge you are gathering from others to guide your growth and change your mindset so you can grow into the guy that you are supposed to be.

19. It is impossible to become a guy who is good with girls. Although the allure of the community advertises that you can ‘become a pimp with women’ and you will be able to ‘fuck 10’s’ it is wrong to say that you will ever be a guy who is good with girls. To say that, is to say that you are above the process and you are not a guy who is going to take action. To identify with ‘being good with girls’ is to cease to take action on a daily basis and lazily rest on your laurels. If you don’t take action then you will cease to approach, cease to move things forward and cease to be good with girls. Some guys get a sharp reality shock when they realise that they can’t ever become a ‘guy who’s good with girls’. But the sooner you realise it’s a futile pursuit the sooner you realise that you have to continue to take action on any given night in any given set. As a man it is correct to identify with being ‘a man of action’ – because that’s what you physically and biologically are. Instead of looking to achieve the identity of being ‘a guy who’s good with girls’ seek to identify yourself as a ‘guy who is always continuing to get good with girls. This is the road to Pick up mastery.

20. Inspire attraction, don’t seduce it. Express yourself, don’t impress others. Whether or not you can be attractive to someone is completely subjective and thus, unpredictable. You can have no idea what will turn on different people, especially when you are cold approaching lots of them. So instead of focusing your efforts on what will impress them and what impression you are going to make, do the things that is sure to inspire attraction in everyone. When you shift your focus from setting out to impress people to, instead, expressing yourself and doing the things that you know will inspire attraction; you’re reality strengthens significantly, others react to you, you become unstifled and most importantly you have lots of fun. They fact that you’re not out to seduce attractive form women and instead are out to inspire it communicates to women you approach that you have all the trust in yourself that you have enough and are enough to be attractive to them. You inspire it in women, you don’t need to trick it out of them, and they come to you.

21. Be involvement worthy. The best way to go about natural game is to be someone worthy of involvement. The best way to think of being good at natural game is to be continually asking yourself ‘Am I being involvement worthy?’. This paradigm has massive emphasis on responsibility, pro-activity and leading. When you continually ask yourself ‘am I involvement worthy’ you move into a head-space where you are continually drawing on yourself to get things started, move conversations forward, formulate ideas and extrapolate social opportunities. In accordance with other natural game principles you know that you’re not going to get the girl unless she’s gaming you, if you’re conversational, assertive and making situations fun then the girls will take it upon themselves to make the most of your time and vie for more of it. Being involvement worthy is like wild male animals expressing themselves hoping to find a mate. In this day and age the guy who has the most to say, is the least stifled and the most expressive that will be the most involvement worthy and get the most girls.

22. Get yourself into state. One of the primary differences between men and women is where they get their state from. Women get their state from their environment, whereas men don’t. Higher forces take care of women’s state, but men are indifferent to them. A man’s default state is a chill relaxed positive feeling, in a noisy pumping venue, that’s your baseline, but that’s not enough to be calibrated. A man’s state is proportionate to his ability to be present, positive, dominant and active. If you’re not getting yourself into state the environment will eclipse you and put you deep inside your head. Get busy, do something positive; entertain yourself with stupid bar games. Do something dominant; arm wrestle your friends, lead a girl by the hand, be loud or stand up tall. Do something pro-active, open sets, move around, dance and escalate with girls. These are the best ways to get into state. Another rule of thumb is ‘motion is emotion’, take action and move yourself around, dance, clap your hands and bob your knees and state will come. No one else will do it for you.

23. Keep Things Simple While Learning. Once you make a significant transformation towards a guy who is in congruence with himself you will realise that natural game is a minimalist thing; you’re strong reality and intent leading the girl with continual calibrated responsivity. But if you still have lots of mental noise from residual social conditioning make an effort to keep things simple, your end goal should always be ‘no mind, all intuition’. So when you go out make an effort to think about only three things for once. If your new, three good things are ‘friendly, unapologetic, draw state from within’. A more intermediate three might be ‘assertiveness with a smile, lead, can’t get blown out from escalating’ and an advanced three might be ‘every man starts equal, be 100% honest with yourself and others, and persistence beat resistance’. If you go out while you’re learning the game with truckloads of theory spinning around in your head you will only get out of state and reverse good progress you have made. It’s likely that you would be so inside your complicated head that you don’t even approach.

24. There is no such thing as a crush; ice cream theory. The classical notion of ‘having a crush on a girl’ is one of the most unnatural and destructive forces that counter natural game. The Dynamics of the crush is one of the biggest limiting factors fort guys learning natural game. To have a crush on a girl is to build up an idea of her in your own mind that is completely fabricated and usually vastly different from reality. People think they have a crush on a girl because having a girl who is their ‘type’ appeals to their ego and their attempt to project a particular sense of self. You don’t know a person, or a girl, until you have spent a lot of time with them. It’s natural that you treat everyone equally and don’t assume anything and wait and see if you cultivate affection for the girl or not. When you develop a crush on a girl you go into chode mode. Even when you get the girl you have a crush on you will eventually get a reality shock when you realise what you thought she was isn’t what she actually is. All attractive girls are good. Like flavours of ice cream, appreciate them all, and after lots of experience then you can develop a preference.

25. For cold approaches social versatility is the most important thing, ‘clicking’. On the broadest scale of picking up girls from cold approaches socially versatility is the most important thing. Not your skills, or your methods or structures. If you are going to make cold approaches on strangers you need to have the versatility and manoeuvrability in who you are and your personal boundaries in order to click with and get into conversation with anyone. An egotistical person usually has an identity that hold blind spots and can cause him to have friction with new people that he meets including girls he’s cold approaching. An ‘easy going’ type of guy, a guy with self esteem and no ego, isn’t restrained by a reality and an identity that he is bound to – or that he feels he has to project onto others. The result is he clicks with everyone and assumes nothing. When you are a fluid and socially versatile, egoless, guy you become someone that everyone likes to hang out with because they are all coming from the same headspace of’ trying to make an impression’. When they interact with you they will feel as though they have made just the impression they want, and you will stoke their ego. Stoking the ego of other’s especially girls, leaves them wanting more of it, people will look to you to ‘fill their bucket with a hole in it.’

26. Its incongruent of you not to be sexual. One of the things that students of natural game most often forget is their tenancy to be sexual. A nice guy who has undergone the transformation to sexworthy guy was once a nice guy and still harbours reserved and stifled physical tendencies. If your an alpha male and attractive to girls, and you don’t have a physical and sexual dimension to your game, girls will become weirded out by you and leave you cold. When you become advanced your approach will be great and most girls will like you a lot immediately, but sooner or later if you don’t take things sexual you will miss your ‘window of opportunity’. If you don’t have the sexual and physical dimension to your game the girls will have a bruised ego that a guy who they liked and found was attractive didn’t want to make a move on her and they will quickly disassociate with you to minimalize ego bruising. Or, they will go from thinking you are a fun dominant alpha male, to thinking you are just a garden variety nice guy, and no girls are attracted to a nice guy.

27. The most important thing is to feel good, be fulfilled – not happy. The first judgement a girl will make of you when you cold approach her is whether or not she gets a good feeling from you. Do you increase her life experience or do you take away from it. It’s all well and good to be happy in the club, but a happy feeling is a fleeting and superficial thing. If you have fulfillment in your life then you will constantly have a feeling of confidence, security and positivity. Girls are not necessarily looking for a happy feeling from guys, they are looking to him to she is he feels good, fulfilled and secure in himself, to hang out with a guy who is fulfilled and secure in himself will give a girl very good feelings and she will know if your fulfilled in your life almost immediately. To be fulfilled have a purpose and a direction in life, this is to be in congruence with always being a man of action. Others ways to find fulfillment as a man are to positively lead others, take action and always be progressing. Simple things to achieve to ensure you have good natural game when it comes to cold approaching.

28. There is no right thing to say, it’s the right thing to say because you are the one who’s saying it. This is the best possible summary of natural game, and it in sharp contrast to traditional ideas about game. On the purest level natural game is about being resourceful and relying on yourself. This ties in with idea of creativity, spontaneity and ‘turning nothing into something’. Evolutionarily, it was the cavemen who could completely rely on themselves and trust themselves – not need advice or guidance from others – that set off the attraction triggers in cave women’s heads. A man who can turn nothing into something through action an responsibility has evolutionary advantages that other don’t have, and a guy like this generates natural attraction, and is good at natural game. When you realise that there is no ‘one right thing’ to do or say at any time in the game you become unstifled in such a way that you can do everything with conviction –whether good or bad – and this communicates confidence and inspires attraction. The minute you look to others to for the right thing to do or say you communicate all the wrong things. When you realise that there is nothing ‘right to say’ it’s as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you establish an unwavering feeling of fulfilment and positivity in you that will make you an elite level natural gamer.

Here are the 28 points in their entirety.

Be yourself

Be Natural.

Don’t calculate and micromanage

Be unapologetic

As a man, there is nothing someone can give you that you can’t get for yourself

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Whatever you feel, she feels8. State is chill, not fireworks.

Other’s ARE socially conditioned, have empathy.

If the girl isn’t gaming you, you’re not going to have sex with the girl.

Whatever you do, DON’T try for rapport.

The girl is down to fuck until otherwise proven innocent.

Proactive DHV’s communicate lower value.

Beating congruence test’s is the way to overtly DHV.

Confidence is binary; you’re either confident or you’re a complete chode.

‘Uncomfortable’ is the magic word.

Indications of interest is when the girl is quiet and attentive.

Don’t ‘know’; grow.

It is impossible to become a guy who is good with girls.

Inspire attraction, don’t seduce it. Express yourself, don’t impress others.

Be involvement worthy.

Get yourself into state.

Keep Things Simple While Learning.

There is no such thing as a crush; ice cream theory.

For cold approaches social versatility is the most important thing, ‘clicking’

Its incongruent of you not to be sexual.

The most important thing is to feel good, be fulfilled – not happy

There is no right thing to say, it’s the right thing to say because you are the one who’s saying it.

…Print it out and put it somewhere you’re going to read it every day.

5  Encyclopedia / Articles / Re: SHOCK and AWE... The Apocalypse Opener on: January 23, 2008, 11:15:59 PM

My God.  I have arrived.

Haha then welcome to this fine country!
6  Encyclopedia / Articles / Re: SHOCK and AWE... The Apocalypse Opener on: January 11, 2008, 07:03:37 AM
Ah nice! Ciaran took Shock-and-Awe and blew it the fuck up in this post. Extreme deluxe to the max.
7  Encyclopedia / Articles / Re: SHOCK and AWE... Fools mate Game[Ciaran] on: November 01, 2007, 04:05:26 PM
Damn I finally read the whole thing through. Sounds wicked fun. I'm going to stick to this kind of thing for a few weeks.

It reads like a super intense push-pull with things like the "You are too hot... I'm.... no - no, this is ridiculous. I'm going to find out who you are. You can't do this to me. I have depth. Tell me about yourself."

and the "Tell her to eat a load of pies, and gain 5 stone so you can connect with her personality without wanting to tear all her clothes off." HA!
8  Encyclopedia / ReadMe First! / First rule of pickup is: do not talk about pickup [Moxy] on: June 06, 2007, 01:27:19 AM
Working with a wing / how to have a good night, every night

The following is what's been running through my mind lately. My frequency of "really good nights" in the club has shot up dramatically, and I want to write a bit about what's been going on.

Note that this entire article is an "in the club" article. There are many many things which are appropriate in the club, but are completely innappropriate outside of the club.

A couple of key words from this article are "impulsive" and "instinctive" - you can pretty much drop your logical filter in the club. It's important to act "in the moment" - which is another way of saying, act without hesitation and without filtering your actions. If you want it, go for it. What will happen after a while of doing this is that you'll subconciously filter, and simply won't do things which are "a bit off". You'll "do the right thing" without thinking, and this is a virtuous direction to head. I like to think of this as simply "I see.. I want.. I take". Act in the moment, without filter.

Something which you all should keep in mind is that the club isn't reality. It's virtual reality - making a connection in the club means nothing outside the club. You have to make the connection again on the day2. You can have the best interaction ever, the girl can demand that you take her number, but she's not necessarily going to return your calls in the day time. You may as well treat this as a fact that what happens in the club doesn't matter in the real world. The reason for this is state-based. In the club, the girl is in a magical, safe-feeling wonderland. She's acting in the moment, and without thought of the real world.

It doesn't really matter how considerate you are for the girls feelings. By this, I mean, you may as well do whatever you want, and make sure YOU are having fun. In my mind, selfishness in-field is a virtue. Do whatever it takes to have fun, and the rest will follow.

What to think about

Don't think.

Seriously. The club is the time to act impulsively and without your logical analytical mind getting in the way.

This is the time to bring out the "I want, I take" mentality. If you have to be logical, make it your inner caveman logical progression: "Woman. Hot. Want. Take. Now."

It's important to disconnect your logical mind, and act impulsively and instinctively.

Everything which I write about should be done instinctively, not as a tactic. Tactics are for dorks, and never "work" unless they're done impulsively, and in the moment. Now, if you're adopting some new behavior, you're probably going to need to do it conciously for a while. My suggestion is you take up to three new things every fortnight, and conciously apply them. After, say, a month of conciously applying them, then stop, and let your instincts take over.


What do to when you sense your wings state is going down (do not talk to him about state): When in field with a wing, top priority should be to keep each others states up... however, state should never, ever be mentioned. Thinking about state is a sure-fire state killer. As soon as you think about state, you must do SOMETHING crazy. Immediately go dance, or immediately play an "imitation game." You should both unconciously be focused on having an awesome time, and the rest will follow.

It's also important that you do not critique your wing while in field. It's a MASSIVE state killer, being out is about having fun.

Things to do in field, between sets, and as state boosters (aside from pulling girls into the fray)
  • Imitation game - where you name something (such as a toaster) and your wing does his best toaster impersonation, then he picks something (i.e. gorrilla) and you do the same. Sound effects are mandatory, being EXTREMELY LOUD is also a requirement. ha.
  • The "yeah, and" plotline game - basically take turns at adding sentances to some crazy story. Each sentance beginning with "yeah, and" - popular improv game, more details are probably around somewhere
  • The awesome game. Take turns at naming things which are awesome ("fridges are awesome") with no pauses.

Opening with a wing

In my mind, there are two good ways to work with your wing in tandem with opening sets.

My favourite method - wing dissapears for (at least) 2 minutes while I open, wing returns, I cut my own thread, intro him straight away... It doesn't matter if it's "pre-hook-point", I just quickly intro, tell the group that he's my best friend ever, and get him into the thread. After he's involved, I dissapear for a couple minutes, then come back. We hook the set by virtue that we're normal, having fun, chill (and extremely good looking)

The reason that the wing needs to dissapear for 2 minutes, is, because, often, this is the amount of time it takes to stabilise the set. The key here is to give them time to realise that you are cool, and normal. You have to give the set time to acclimatise to your presence. So, open sets expecting them to be a bit unsure of what's going on - they won't know your cool, safe, or "normal" for the first minute or so. So take the first minute to let them acclimatise. Caring, and sharing.

For the stage pre-open, one really nice way to do it is to be talking to your wing, walk right by the set, open, and your wing keeps walking. This eliminates the whole "walk over" thing which sometimes makes things so difficult.

Now, when opening, a lot of guys worry about being smooth. However, being smooth isn't necessarily a virtue on first meet - it can be detrimental to the interaction since it potentially gives off "player vibes" which can make getting day2's HARDER. In my opinion better to be smooth on the day2 than the first meet.. simply because it's not "normal" to be, in a club environment, totally comfortable walking up to a stranger and being awesome straight away. (unless you are a player).. that being said, all rules can be broken, and it's often ok to come across as a player.

It's actually ok to walk up and say "Hey, you guys look fun - I really had to come meet you guys, and find out what your deal is. Who are you?" It's actually good. Because it's NORMAL. Afterward, you can transition into something like "Hey, maybe you guys can help me" then go onto some "regular opener" or something. Ideally something which you've been talking about to your wing earlier that night.

If no sets are nearby, walk around the club with your wing or whatever. Don't scope out sets, just walk somewhere new and hang out there.

If you incidentally spot any 2-set chicks who are meandering around, pull them in without hesitation. These chicks WANT to hook up THAT NIGHT. You can be agressive in escalating with them.

Running the set with a wing

It's a good idea to have a "first half hour rule" - the person who opened the set, directs the set, can do whatever he wants, with complete outcome independence on both your parts - if he wants to leave you both leave, if he goes for makeout or whatever, and it fucks up, it's all fun.

Sometimes in set, you'll be doing super well, but your wing won't. Since you must keep each others states up, you should do one of two things
  • Give your wing the opportunity to switch girls. "Do you want to switch" should do the trick.
  • Or, if you are in a 2-set, and your girl is already super into you, tell your girl that your friend isn't having fun... and that you're out with your friend to have fun, and that if you aren't both having fun that you have to go. If she's socially clued up, she'll tell her friend to look after yours (so that you'll stay)
  • Pull your wing super into the convo. I.e. more attention than you're giving to the set.

It's important that you do this impulsively. Don't ask him if he's having fun. It's important to be socially aware, and to take care of things without mentioning it. (refer to what I wrote on criticism)

Mistakes I see with new guys
  • Making a joke and trying to make the girl react by forcing their own laugh - better approach: throw and go
  • Logically talking about "game" when we're trying to "game" - this is a HUGE no-no for me. Nights where I've done this have gone MASSIVELY down hill. There are some exceptions to this, where there may be some relevant in-the-moment inside joke which comes up in-set. However, out of set, no good ever comes from talking game in-field.

Things to do with your girl, while in set

Role play: key to creating fun when there is nothing to do.

Meeting in a club is boring, create an interesting conspiracy with your girl about how you met, so you can both tell people. Say, you were rescuing a dog who was drowning in the lake, but you got pulled into the undertow, the girl happened to be driving by, get her to contribute by coming up with how she saved you, and the dog.

Forgot their name? Especially relevant if they're a friend of the girl you want: pick a person in your life who who they remind you of and tell you that you're going to start calling them by their new name. "You know, you really remind me of my friend/cousin/aunty Tammy. She always would xxxxx. From now on you can be Tammy" - this ties in to role-play, you can tell her stories about Tammy's real life "Remember when you did xxxx" etc. Actually, this is good to do even if you didn't forget their name. Fun fun.


Why dedicating several days in a row is important - you end up not caring about outcome, so end up doing things you wouldn't have done otherwise. New behavoirs embed themselves into your subconcious.

And finally, finally, it's key to drop your ego while in the club. Remember, it's not reality, so many rules of reality do not apply.
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No idea who the original author is

I got this from RSD forums, the dude who posted it got it from somewhere else.

An area of my game that is particularly strong is my ability to talk
to girls on the phone. If a girl picks up after giving me her number,
I know that in 9 out of 10 cases, I will F-close that girl. It is
therefore a great skill to have. If you can get your skills on the
phone sorted, it will pay dividends time and time again.

I run natural game and I therefore cannot give you the conversation.
(see XXXXXX). I can however give you the principles that I have
developed that have helped me to get literally hundreds of women from
the end of a phone line, into my bed.

Some basic info:

The main goal of my phone game is to talk to them like you have known
them for years. ?Hey Carly? how?s it going??? ?What?s
going on in your world today?Huh

I always look to build up time on the phone with that person? I am
looking to become a significant part of their life. When you start to
game a girl on the phone, there will come a point where she always
picks up your call? Where she always calls you back and gets excited
when she sees you calling. This is like a tipping point and this is
the point that we all must aim. Tipping points vary depending on each
girl and the quality of your phone game, but it is important to have
this goal in mind.

Some specific techniques / tips (in no particular order):

? I rarely say hello? especially after a few calls with that
person? I normally go straight into the conversation. ?What are
you doing?? This is exciting and it?s fun and it gets the convo
going with a good energy. I find that stopping and introducing
yourself is a little needy.

? NEVER BE NEEDY? it kills attraction fast. ?Why haven?t you
returned my call?? ?Are you ignoring me?? These are things you
should never say? If she hasn?t returned your call, don?t let it
bother you. You need to make this girl realise that you are not
hanging on her every word? that a call from her isn?t going to
make your day? that you don?t give a frag.

? Once calls are made / voicemails left, don?t dwell on them?
get on with something else. Occupy your mind with something else and
just forget about it. You can?t change the voicemail you just left
by thinking about it, so stop thinking about it. If you dwell on it,
when she does call back, your conversation will convey to her that it
bothered you... you are suddenly a needy nerd.

? Don?t ask them out the first call; focus on adding value and
create a connection. Ask her our after you have spent some time and
demonstrated some attractive qualities; she is much more likely to
say yes and flaking will be dramatically reduced.

? Get talking about topics of a sexual nature as early on in the
interaction as possible. This goes for phone game, MSN conversations
and Day 2?s. Be the sexual guy; be the sexual ball of energy.

? Voice tone ? As we all know, communication is only 7% words?
30 something percent is voice tone and the rest is body language;
this is particularly important when you are using the phone. Let your
tone of voice deliver the true meaning of the message you are trying
to convey. Once you master this skill, you can say the most shocking
and unpredictable things and they will be received with humour rather
than anger.

? Mimic their voice. This can be used over the phone or in person.
If the girl has an unusual or different accent or talks slowly or
with unusual diction, impersonate her when you speak to her.
Calibrate? Don?t just do it because I told you to do it; does she
laugh when you are doing it? Is it pushing a few buttons (it should
do because it?s cocky and that should create attraction)? Is she
sh*t testing you? If she is, carry on. Is she getting genuinely
pissed off with you for it? If she is, then don?t do it. Turkish,
Spanish, Russian? mimic their accents throughout the call? it?s

? You can create humour through repetition; I use this technique a
lot. I will pick a saying or expression that a girl uses and I will
use it repeatedly. It will be funny at first and then it will stop
being funny; I will then keep using it and what you will find is that
it actually becomes funny again. Better than that, it actually
becomes hilarious.

For example, a girl I was recently seeing was foreign; her English
wasn?t great and she constantly used the expression ?I don?t
know.? Every time she couldn?t think of a statement or comment,
she would say ?I don?t know.? I started to use this expression
with her; same words and in the same accent. It started to get really
funny and now whenever I call and speak with her, I use the same
expression 10-20 times. I pushed through the point where it was not
funny and it started getting funny again; now I reap the rewards. She
has many ?catchphrases? and many of our conversations consist of
her trying to have a normal conversation and me simply parroting back
her most recognisable lines.

Please note: If you do not understand this concept, and it doesn?t
sit well with you, then just don?t use it. I assure you, like with
all my material, it is field tested many times before, but if you
don?t understand where I am coming from, this is something that may
well have to be demonstrated for it to really sink in.

? One thing that I have been using to good effect with girl recently
is when I get them sexual, I tell them that I bet they can?t resist
me in bed. They always say? ?Yes I can?? I would then say
?OK? I bet you ?50 that if you were in my bed and we were both in
our underwear, you would not be able to resist me.? They of course
accept the bet and then come and get into my bed. They never resist.

? Give girls nicknames. This should be done on the phone and in
person. If one comes to you straight away, then use it and stick with
it? Don?t worry about sh*t tests? Keep hammering her with it and
it will stick. Every other guy is calling her Kate or Lucy or

If a nickname doesn?t come to you straight away, then you should
call them ?Miss X? with the X being the first letter of their

So you get the number of a girl names Helen Smith (and of course, she
is saved in your phone as ?Sexy Smith? (but that?s a different
topic). When you call her, you will refer to her as ?Miss S? ?

A quick case study:

You are calling her?
Helen Smith: Hello??
You: Well hello Miss S? what are you up to today?

nickname once? hammer it into them every time you refer to them.

The more interesting girls will start giving you nicknames in
return? accept them willingly? It?s a connection that you have
with this girl that very few other guys in her life have.

? Give girls multiple nicknames. I met a girl who put her name in my
phone as ?Pink Jo Panther?. So immediately, she adopted a range of
names: Pinky Pants, The Panth, Miss P etc etc?

? Swear at girls in a playful way? DON?T START BY CALLING THEM A
you know female thingy. ?Swearing escalation? is like kino
escalation or sexual escalation. You need to start slowly and when
they accept it, move forward. Keep your voice tone playful.. ?
Cow? Bitch? You bastard? you wanker? you frag head? you
piece of sh*t? you you know female thingy. I am swearing at every
girl I frag. It?s fun? it?s so offensive, it?s actually non-
offensive and no other guys are swearing at them like that. Be the
guy who is strong enough to do that sh*t and it will pay you rewards.

? Ask questions and listen to responses? fact find about them and
listen for commonalities.

? Have conversations with other people when you are on the phone ?
it?s non-needy and demonstrates dominance ? both of which are good
qualities to demonstrate. It lets her know that you are not dropping
everything to speak with her. She is no one special... It?s natural.

Chat chat chat?.
?Hang on a sec? Westy? where the frag are my shoes?... Ok? so

THEM? The first call is often deemed the pressure call because if
you mess things up, it could be game over. Doing something keeps the
mind active and makes you less concerned about what she is saying and
the manner in which she is saying it. Why do sales people pace when
they are making a sales call? Don?t be sat in the corner of your
bedroom with every word crushing your frame. Make a bed, sort some
washing out, tidy your room, be driving somewhere. Just make sure
that you are engaged in some activity.

I always tell them what I am doing as I am doing it ? involve them
in the experience. It just sounds more natural.

Her: blah blah
Me: Hang on a second? OK? just take a left here and then it?s?
hang on? well? where the bloody hell is Falmer Road??? What a
nightmare. These multimaps are sh*t.

I have girls on the phone when I am brushing my teeth.

Me: I?m just doing my teeth? Keep talking? [brush brush brush]
? keep talking.

I gargle down the phone and away we go.

You may think that you when you are doing something else, you can?t
concentrate on what she?s saying. EXACTLY. The first few
conversations should never really be too much about what she says. It
should be about what you say and you conveying your value to her as
that is what?s going to get her interested. Furthermore, as the
calls go on, you are listening, but you are not hanging on her every

It?s a great frame to have as it is not needy; you are not dropping
everything, hanging on her every word. You are merely involving her
in your everyday life; it?s natural and it makes for natural

Mini Case Study:
I buy food as I eat it; as a result, I am in Tescos every day. I
always call girls when I am food shopping. I tell them what I am
doing; I ask for their advice on what to cook. I chat in nonchalant
?not that bothered? kind of fashion. I just involve them in my
life and it really seems to work. There is never a dry spell in the
interaction because I am constantly doing something. I can also
demonstrate to a girl that I can cook; that sets me above quite a few
guys right there .

? Call multiple girls in a row and leave the hottest one until
last ? you will develop good ?chat? and you will reveal a good
few talking points that you want to carry into the next conversation.

? Use call-back humour to get the humour flowing at the start of the

Eg ?Who?s that?Huh It?s gay-boy.

? Do funny short little calls.

She picks up: ?Do you love me today?? [then hang up]
?What are you doing??
?I really want a blow job.?
?Should I buy chicken or steak for dinner??

It?s funny and it?s unpredictable and these are both attractive

? Try to do a lot of second date stuff on the phone. I regularly do
all my day2 stuff on the phone, which means I am just meeting them
for sex? More tips on why this is so good and how to do this later.

? If you been sexual with this girl in the past, remind her of what
you have done. ?I have kissed you.? ?Let me remind you that you
have gone down on me.? It?s cocky, it?s fun, it?s confident,
no other guys do it and it reminds them how attractive they found you.

? For all you TMM junkies? a ROUTINE!!!!! When you are not so
strong on the phone, have a go to story. (When you first call a
girl) ? This is a story that you can go to when the convo dries up.
Interestingly enough, just having that story there should make you
more relaxed and therefore reduce the chace of you actually needing it.

Stuff to say

Eg?. I saw something hilarious today? ?a man fell over on the
underground and his wig fell off? blah blah blah??

See? watch how my method and TMM seamlessly integrates with each

? Never let a call go dead? the length of the call is not
important? keeping it lively, fun and interesting is. If you feel it
dying, get the frag off the line ? NEVER ALLOW HER TO FINISH IT.

Always look to end calls? you end MSN conversations? You lead.

? Have phone sex with them if you can ? Keep getting the
conversation sexual; then move from there. Phone sex stuff? Often
good to do when they are drunk?. If I was there now I would pin you
down and press my chest against you?. I would get in between your
legs wearing just my tight black Calvin Kleins and then I would grind
down into you?. I would grab a hand full of your hair and pull it
hard so that it was almost too painful?. I would kiss your neck deep
and then move down to your tits? I would kiss all over your body?
My strong hands would be all over your body.

Practice, practice, practice ? You will not wake up tomorrow and
just be a master at using the phone because you read my post on phone
game. It may be hard for you at first, but you verbal skills will
develop with dedication and practice using your phone.
10  Encyclopedia / Articles / RSD Tim Seminar Writeup (Mav of LondonSeductionSociety) on: March 05, 2007, 12:03:36 AM
Copied from: http://www.realsocialdynamics.com/community/showthread.php?t=4334

Hi Guys,

Tim from RSD gave a free seminar a couple of weeks ago to the LSS community which im sure some of you were at as well. I documented it for a couple of my wings that couldnt make it and thought i would share it with this board as there is some good stuff here...

note - The notes are just thrown down ? ive not tried to write it up fully?. Basically the whole thing is about taking pick up to the next level. The level where you are a Fuck worthy guy (see later for explanation of this).

Inner Game (first 30 mins)

You MUST NOT GIVE A FUCK about anyone else in the club or what they think

You must build up your energy in the club before you do anything else.

Imagine the ?lord stance? standing up with arms outstretched to either side commanding your space to get into state

Everything is a lot more cool than it really is and EVERYTHING IS COOL. Even that cigarette but on the floor is the coolest fucking butt you have ever seen, look at the lipstick marks on it etc etc. You MUST ACT IN A POSITIVE STATE to everything. Do not go the way of the dark side and see negativity in anything. Create your own party with your wing, start talking about shit and how cool it is, get into state together and just vibe with each other. It doesn?t matter what its about eg I fucking love lizards, they are so cool, just lazing out in the sun, relaxing, (turn to girl) ? hey, what do you think about lizards ? they are fucking cool aren?t they? etc etc. It?s a getting into state thing, its about being totally confident and totally cool and dominant.

Girls are 5 year old kids until they prove otherwise. You are not to give a fuck about whatever ANY GIRL THINKS. She is a child, play with her and toy with her but don?t care what she thinks EVER.

The Rosetta Stone (3 stones)

The RSD guys have this idea of a rosetta stone and 3 key parts to having the complete stone which you need for successful pickup?

1st Key to the stone is the 3 levels of rapport.

Ok this is kind of hard to put into words but ill try for you boys?

Level 1 ? trying to get rapport. Basically this is what most chodes (AFC?s in RSD language) do. There voice intonation rises at the end of their question. Whats your name? would be said with a rise in voice, would be submissive in body language and would be seen to be try hard!!

Level 2 ? Neutral rapport ? Your voice intonation is level at all times. Its matter of fact. Its how you would introduce yourself to a new work colleague. Its neutral. Its confident. Its strong.

Level 3 ? Breaking rapport ? is where you are a bit aggressive. ?whats your name? would be like how a teacher or a bouncer would ask your name. Its an aggressor way. Your body language is very strong to the point of over powering. You definitely do not give a fuck when you are using this level of rapport.

Basically you must always be neutral to breaking in your rapport/body language. You don?t give a fuck. You are coming from a strong/powerful frame. You are commanding respect. You expect her to answer no matter how shit the question. U are presenting value right from the start. The further you go into breaking the more you put the girl on the back foot. You need to calibrate the level you

2nd Key to the stone the type of person you are

There are 4 levels of dude?

Level 1 (Chode) ? this is the bottom guy. He is fully predictable. Mr Nice guy. He will call next day and try to get her to dinner, several dates on he will try and kiss her etc etc. The moment he says ?hi, can I buy you a drink? she knows exactly how her life with this guy is going to be mapped out. His chat is boring, he uses weak body language and lifts his voice at the end of the

Level 2 (Mr Bearable) ? This is Mr average. She is like ?ok, ho humm, she bears him, maybe she is winging her mate who has the hot one, whatever. This guy is still too predictable but may have some things going for him that gets him laid once in a while. This is where most of us probably were before we found the community.

Level 3 (Interesting, intriguing, entertaining guy) ? This guy is where almost everyone in the community is. They get good results, can open sets and keep people interested, talk about interesting unusual things, can spike interest and can probably close a reasonable chunk of girls to ?day 2s?. The problem with this level is that when the material runs out and he stops being so entertaining she loses some of her interest. Depending on how quick he has been to close her this may or may not lead to LJBF before the lay.

Level 4 (fuck worthy guy). This guy does not give a fuck about anything. Everything he does is effortless. He can get away with pretty much everything. He is strong, confident and doesn?t seem to follow any specific ?game plan?. Girls are thinking ?im gonna fuck this guy? I need to close him?. They are like ?what the fuck? when he moves away or pays interest elsewhere. He is totally Unpredictable and seems to bounce around all over the place. He involves her in the conversation A LOT? it is not him presenting material although he is totally dominant in guiding the interaction (see later example).

The only think that seperates these levels is PREDICTABILITY. If you are talking about random stuff in your life and bouncing around and ?vibing? you are being the life and soul of the party. Do not try and join her party, bring her into your world. If she starts telling you boring shit cut it off and move it back into interesting stuff about you. This is not you talking not stop, you MUST INVOLVE HER A LOT, its just you are involving her in your life and not trying to build rapport around stuff she likes.

The fuck worthy guy is like this when he gets into a club. Its like he is the Terminator and has the Terminator screen in front of him. All you are thinking about is ?GIRL, HOT GIRL, GET HOT GIRL? as you scan the room and then move in. You DO NOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE. Not your openers, what the room is like, ANYTHING. If you have been vibing with your wing this is easy anyway as you can just spark off into whatever. The only think you should be watching her for is HER ENERGY LEVELS. Your sole aim is to spark her energy levels? to create a spike in her energy? like a spike on a heart monitor on your ?terminator screen?. To do this you just pound LEFT FIELD questions at her?

3rd Key to the stone ? Conversation (Plot lines)

Ok this is where the guys have really been doing some work on how to VERY VERY QUICKLY SPARK attraction to allow closes within 10-15 minutes. Its based around vibing but the good news is that there is a structure that they use. They call it ?you are my new?..?

The instructor then gave an example of a classic type pick up in a club that we would do? with an opinion opener followed by ?how do you all know each other? and then attempt to move into a story blah blah. He did this well (as you would expect) and used very strong neutral to breaking rapport body language but you could still feel that it just wasn?t as good as it could be.

He then showed a ?fuck worthy guy? pick up? (I didn?t take full notes but ill try to recreate it)

Hey, (uses a grab see later in this article), I?m Tim (shakes hand). You look kinda cute? for the next 5 minutes (time constraint) you and me, we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. How would you hold my hand? (she holds his hand ? kino). Tim says ?nice? good strong grip? and then starts swinging his arm forward and backwards. He is relaxed and in control and not in a hurry. He looks at her and smiles. ?so where are we going on holiday?? she answers with something and he replies ?nah, fuck that, lets go to Barcelona. Have you ever been to Barcelona its totally cool? she answers X and he says ?so what shall we do there? and a couple more questions. Then he creates a reason for them to split up and does the ?break up?, followed by a couple more questions about how bad she was and then he allows her to try and get back together again with make up sex type stuff and bits of cocky funny stuff along the way. He uses big hugs on her. He then says that he has something bad to tell her. That he cheated on her with her best friend and then goes on to tell a story about going camping with her best friend, and how she went to have a swim in this lake, and she went in skinny dipping and he followed in to wash but then this shark comes along and he had to wrestle the shark and rescue her best friend who then just started making out with him on the edge of the lake and one thing just led to another.

He then says ?only kidding? and gives her a big hug. ?you don?t have to worry? and carries on the interaction. This is about 10 minutes in now im guessing (I?ve shortened it a bit).

Basically this type of strategy is similar to the Tyler ?pebbles? ideas its all about sparking her imagination. Its involving her in the interaction. It allows you to include all techniques like cockyfunny/future projection/kino/statements of intent/pushpull etc etc. Cause its play acting it also lowers her defences to play along. It builds attraction FAST. Its interesting and its fun.

This plot lines idea can be extended to other types of stuff?. Such as?. You are my new?.. Girlfriend, bodyguard, personal assistant, superhero. personal shopper etc etc. Think of the plot line and then vibe off that wherever it leads. Its like good impro.. Make it fun, play around with wherever it goes, don?t block, vibe with her, be playful and use a lot of push/pull.

You can also use ?we are getting married? ?we are doing X? ?we are X? as further plot line starts.


You must be looking to spark and spike her

Remember we are doing all this shit so that we are entertaining OURSELVES? not her. We don?t give a FUCK about her.

Generate some party every time no matter what. You are the coolest guy on the planet.

Note ? you must build in kino as part of these plot lines


The guys showed 3 kino things they do in the field to be dominant and fuck worthy guys. These are often used to get attention at the start of the interaction rather than as traditional ?kino? type moves you have been taught in the past (which are all still relevant btw)

Kino 1 ? The magical tap of desire. This move is best described as follows? assume she is at the bar with her back to you. Take your peter pointer and middle finger in a two finger together movement and firmly tap her on her shoulder. Use ?hey? as well to get her attention. Then say something?.

Kino 2 ? The claw of destiny. Take your hand and curl it up as if you were holding a hand sized ball. Now imagine that ?claw? with fingers pointing down. Now the move with the claw is to lock in on her shoulder with it as you put your arm round her. Or around two girls for a group hug. Once the claw is on though its firmly in place. There is a song that goes with the claw which you can sing in your head ?THE CLAW ALWAYS WINS, THE CLAW ALWAYS WINS, HAVE NO FEAR, JUST CLAW THEM IN?

As part of an example of using the claw he showed a reinteraction with a girl? and used the following line which was quite good ?I will pursue you harder than any guy on this planet? so play nicely? and then when she started to play he withdrew and said she was boring.

Kino 3 ? The snatch and grab of glory. Imagine you are talking to a wing or a girl and a really hot target comes walking past. Reach out and grab her arm above the wrist firmly and say ?hey? to get her attention. This will stop her in her tracks. Note you have not turned towards her, your body language is pointing to your wing/original girlie. The grab is a firm grasp, its firm but not OTT.

Note ? you must have 100 PERCENT conviction that these will work to pull them off. Anything below this and she will sense it and you will look needy or worse.

Closing comments
Being in the field is a celebration of you. Its your core on show.

Girls are just as insecure and AFC as guys.

It?s a given that you and her are gonna fuck. You are a fuck worthy guy now.

Interestingly RSD are not fans of running lots of sets. The instructors when they are out are usually doing 1 or 2 sets and that is it. They get in there, build a spark, isolate and get the close. Running loads of sets and getting loads of numbers is fools mate (they call this getting wood)

You can also fake buying temperature for her my pretending you are feeling what she is feeling? ?im feeling that funny feeling inside my tummy, you are making me feel like kissing you, you are driving me crazy, what is so different about you I feel funny? etc etc

When you get to kiss close you MUST NOT be the make out guy in the corner for hours. These guys look like they are getting lucky but MOST DON?T. The ones that get lots of lays are the ghosts you don?t see snogging away. They have isolated and extracted to sex location without getting the girl validated too much (by over snogging in the venue). ?make and break? first. Be the one to start snogging and stop snogging.

As a final point how would you rate your own game at the moment. The only answer to this is ?it?s a fucking TEN?. If everything you do you think it?s a ten then it will be a ten (even if it isn?t) and you need this attitude to be completely congruent with whatever you are saying.

That?s all the good stuff from the evening. Overall was pretty cool and nice to see the demonstrations ? much easier than trying to pick this up off the written page.


11  Encyclopedia / ReadMe First! / PUA SUPER POWERS (Tyler from RSD) on: February 22, 2007, 03:35:36 PM
Originally posted on the RSD blog

Anybody who hasn't come out yet might want to read this:

Now I want to address an issue that's important here -- the idea of "super secret PUA super powers", as they relate to my hobby of teaching.

Back in the day when I'd teach a bootcamp, most of it was spent focusing on "how to become good with women".

Maybe there was some other focus at various points, which was fine, but most of it was spent focusing on the main goal -- building a level of skill and choice with women.

These days running a bootcamp, at least more often than not, I'm met with a flurry of distracting questions......

-"Who is the world's best POOOAH?"

-"Is it really true that a POOOOAH can pull 100% of every girl he approaches and turn her into his girlfriend?"

-"What's your most SECRET routine? Cummon, I won't tell anybody. I know you've got a SUPER POWER TRICK that you aren't showing me."

-"I heard that there's 300 sequences of routines from open to sex and that if I can learn to calibrate and master all of them I'll never have to get rejected ever again."

-"What's the deal with The Game? Did you really create a super conspiracy to destroy Style and Mystery to take over Project Hollywood all for yourself?"

(the answer to that one is YES btw -- and I'm taking over the whole planet in 2012)

etc etc...

Here's the deal.

This might shatter a few people's realities.

Get ready for it......

There are no "super PUA techniques" and you can pretty much tell how skilled a PUA is within a minute or two of hanging out with him.

Now I want to get specific here.

The basic concept that allowed the delusion of the PUA community to thrive back in the day was the whole NLP idea that you could have a guy who was blatantly ill at ease with himself, introverted, uncalibrated, and obviously had no ability to attract women into his life, and he could say that he'd mastered some "backdoor method" or "blammo pattern" or whatever else, and make people believe that he had some special skill.

You had all these guys standing up in front of audiences saying that they were pulling 5 women a week by using their latest "synesthesia bomb of seduction" or whatever else -- and it was BELIEVABLE because the whole idea of NLP and hypnosis seemed so "out there" that people suspended their disbelief.

These days it's evolved -- you have the idea that a guy might know a bunch of openers or scripts to get girls that a guy like himself would otherwise obviously not be able to get.

That's the internet for you....

More and more though, we're starting to see a spark in the community...

A movement towards the idea that it's OBVIOUS who is getting girls from the first few minutes you hang out with them.

Of course, it isn't totally as simple as that.

There are plenty of guys who have core confidence but just never learned that it was "allowed" to approach girls cold and have it go somewhere on the first meet.

So obviously a guy who seems like he gets girls might not necessarily be a POOO-AH Super God just because he comes across fairly smooth.

But overall, he probably COULD be if he just had a few days of training, and if he's a "POOAH GURU" then it's OBVIOUS what skill level he has just by looking at him.

POOO-AH showdown at high noon unnecessary.

Generally speaking -- ATTRACTION = COOL GUY + BASIC COMPETENCIES (open, hook, escalate, extract, etc...)

That's it!

This understanding is crucial.

Again, this understanding is absolutely crucial.

If you can't recognize things like "being in the moment" and "presence" and "self esteem" and "natural humour and positivity", then chances are, your reticular-activation-system is wired to ignore all that stuff and seek out superficial super-techniques that are really only the "ice on the cake".

So again, if you don't "get" this concept that "you can pretty much judge a PUA within a few minutes of hanging out with him" then you're probably not on the right track in terms of your POO-AH development.

You'll be thinking "I don't have to be a cool guy or learn how to have positive interactions with people -- I can skip all that and just learn these freaky super powers."

You won't be able to see the GAP between yourself and what a guy who's successful looks like.

You'll see a "PUA" and think "There's no difference between him and me... It must be his lines" -- even though there's a world of difference (all very subtle -- a PUA does NOT have to be a big brawny dude) and your mind just isn't wired to tune into it.

Now does all this mean that if a PUA company advertises a SUPER POWERED TECHNIQUE that you should be suspicious of them?


Marketing is marketing.

As a company, you HAVE to market yourself properly and get as many people in the door as you can.

Bait them with the chocolate bon-bons, shove the vegetables down their throat once they're in a position where they can't escape.

They'll thank you later.

I also think that some funky techniques as novelty to spice up the program can be cool.

So I'm not bagging on any company or trying to throw venom at anybody.

Anyone who has the balls to put himself on the line and teach this stuff IN FIELD is somebody who has my respect.

What I AM saying though, is that as an END USER, don't be caught up in any marketing hype about "super power techniques" because it will start you on a path where you're not RECOGNIZING what's most important about the whole "game" and thinking that you can be a stealth ninja who plays dungeons & dragons by day, and by night you transform into a SUPER PUA who jumps from the shadows and drags girls back to your nerd lair.

Becoming successful with women is first and foremost about deep identity level change.

Beyond that it's about internalizing important behaviours, such as opening strong, being assertive, funny, spontaneous, and leading the interaction forward.

It's a straightforward process, obviously with a lot of curves involved, but as long as you can make it through those you don't have to align with a particular "method" or "camp" or set of techniques.

That's only benefiting the company. Not you.

And honestly, it doesn't really benefit me because I'm the guy who has to unwire all that nonsense when you come on a live program.

So if you haven't woken up yet, wake up, because as cool as the fanboy stuff is, the whole community is about YOU and YOUR results.
12  Encyclopedia / Articles / BIG HAPPY BABY on: February 22, 2007, 01:28:31 AM
Here's a clip from the RSD blog

Learning "natural" game is basically just learning to approach with that same total CONFIDENCE and ANTICIPATION OF FRIENDLINESS that you had when you're telling a great story, but instead of anticipating a great response for the great story, you anticipate a great response for YOU.

This is almost like a girl's frame --> also a lot like a child's frame.

One of the clues for me was when Neil Strauss said that Tommy Lee approaches people like a "big happy baby."

I thought that was a great line and I've fully adopted it. I just approach sort of in the role that I'm a big happy baby, never wounded, never have had a problem in life --> and as my buddy Ariel said, feeling CONNECTED to the world rather than disconnected and having to be above or below it.

It's funny, but the fact you're able to come from that place of security winds up sub-communicating a lot about you -- maybe as much as being the "leader of men" or whatever.

I still think you've got to be the man and be the shit, but I also think that for guys who?ve taken on those behaviours for a few months that it?s so internalized that doing it consciously at this point is just try-hard.

There is no way we could ever go back to acting like chodes so any effort to the contrary is really wasted energy.
13  Encyclopedia / Articles / THE CLAW (of destiny), The BIG HAPPY BABY, et al on: February 22, 2007, 01:24:44 AM
(Written by Tim from RSD)

Ok so your about to talk to that girl... you better remember to...


That means grab her (the claw has to be seen in its true form for real appreciation of the technique, firmness and majesty)... and claw her into you in the FIRST 2 MINS ! If you cannot claw in the first two mins you are NOT approaching right.

The way you grab a girl with 100% belief and POWER demostrates the belief and POWER that you have over your LIFE. She knows instantly she feels that powerful claw rope her in that he is a MAN.

The claw must be done with 100 % belief. There is no CLAW without 100 % belief... The claw ALWAYS gets the girl.


the claw is a new method that im teaching in my bootcamps now. The true origins are kept sacred to the recent Amsterdam boys and I be sure to mention them whenever I introduce this new technique.

I just finished up with a student in Sweden and he got taught the CLAW !

In one instance he clawed the girl in and her friend was trying to throw the claw off. It got thrown a couple of times then GREW STRONGER IN ITS MAJESTIC BEAUTY! The claw prevailed in pulling the girl right away from her friend till she gave up !

We then spontaneously burst into the song of the claw:

"The claw always WINS!
the claw always WINS!
have no fear just

Please accept this song and chant it in prayer when lording over the club !

So much glory
RSD Executive Coach
14  Encyclopedia / Articles / The Natural Way (Craig) on: February 07, 2007, 02:14:45 AM
Craig's Method...The Natural Way

One of the main reasons why I succeed in bars and most go home alone is because
I have a system, one that has taken me years to perfect.  When I was first
starting out in the game? I tried all kinds of crazy things to meet women, from
giving them business cards to doing card tricks, even trying to hypnotize them!
I had a few successes here and there, but what always bothered me was that the
techniques just didn?t seem natural?Not to mention the fact that when I ran out
of lines I would get run over.  I knew there were guys out there who got hoards
of women without even trying, and that was my ultimate goal.

A few years ago I had a major realization and I started pulling women like
crazy.  It came at a very frustrating time in my life, when I was about to
throw in the towel and give up on being the guy who has women all over him. 

My major turning point came when I decided to throw all I thought I knew about
meeting women in the trash.  I was so frustrated with the rejections and my
weak successes that I decided I was just going to go out and have a FUCKING
AWESOME TIME!  I decided that if I didn?t come home with anybody it wouldn?t
matter anymore, because I would have a blast, and make everyone in the bar have
a better night because I was there!

I didn?t get laid that first night, but I met more girls than I ever had before
and I could not believe the positive responses I was getting.  Girls were
picking up on the vibe that I was only there to have a good time, and I was
having such a blast that it was contagious!  Girls that I talked to early in
the night were coming back up to me and striking up conversations! 

Its been many years since I first started on my path to mastery, and these days
whenever I go out, I meet a lot of women, whether I want to or not!  When I set
out to write this book I took a hard look at what I do now compared to what I
did then, and hopefully what I?ve found will help you to reach your goals
faster than I did.

As you know my goal has always been to become a natural seducer, and when I was
starting out I tried to watch the guys that got a lot of women in the clubs and
learn from them.  The problem was that I couldn?t for the life of me figure out
what they were doing that was so different.  They usually weren?t the
best-dressed guys in the house, and almost never the best looking. 

It didn?t hit me until I started picking up all kinds of women that there was a
distinct format to my style, and that format is the foundation of my success. 
There are dozens of little things I do to enhance my game, but they alone do
not get me laid.  You have to bake the cake before you can put on the icing! 

The Circle Format

One thing I noticed when I first started doing this is that losers the in a
club would stand around and drink and watch, while guys with game would walk
around and make things happen.  The guys with lots of game would be sitting at
a table with different beautiful women around them all night like they were
famous.  That is where I wanted to be, and I discovered that you have to put a
lot of walking and talking to get to there. 

The thing I like about most clubs and bars is that they are built in a way that
creates a good flow around the inside, and you can usually walk around the
whole place in a big circle without having to backtrack.  Walking around the
club in big circles is the basis of my format, and it?s what you DO when you
are walking around that makes all of the difference. 

When you first arrive at a venue you have to set a presence for yourself, and
it?s important to get in the right state of mind before you walk in.  Think of
yourself as the owner of the club, because tonight, the place is yours!  Say it
aloud!  Whenever I walk through the doors of a club, I stop, look around, and
say ?MY HOUSE!? 

After you are inside and you check you coat, get your drink, etc., start your
walk around the club.  When you see a girl or group of girls you want to meet,
go in and say something funny or interesting that isn?t something they have
already heard ten times that night. 

An example conversation could go like this:

Me:  (serious look) ?Hey?Are you guys going to like me better the 3rd time you
see me??

Girls: ?Huh?What do you mean??

Me:  ?Well I?ve already walked past you guys twice and you guys haven?t said
?hi? to me or ?hello? or grabbed my ass or anything!  What?s goin on??

Girls:  (laughing) ?Hi my name?s Jen, and this is Carrie.  What?s yours??

Me:  ?Craig.  Nice to meet you.  Now, next time I see you all I?m going to
expect a warm welcome!? 

Here comes the MOST powerful part of this technique?After you exchange a few
laughs?MOVE ON OUT!   This is huge because every other guy they have ever met
has leached on at the first sign of acceptance and tried to hang out with them
all night!  How desperate is that?  By ending the conversation first you have
shown them that you are a secure guy who doesn?t care if he sees them again, or
if they talk to other guys.  And why should you?  You have many more groups of
women to approach!

The whole idea here is to get them laughing, show them you are a fun guy that
they would want to hang out with, then leave?with them wanting more!  In sales
this is called a takeaway.     

Do the same thing with the next group.  If a girl is by herself don?t leave her
out of the loop, but don?t use that as an excuse to latch on.  If a
conversation is going really well with a certain group or girl, it is ok to
keep it up, just make sure that you are the one to end it and that you end it
while both of you are still laughing and having fun. 

This structure eliminates a lot of mistakes and conveys a lot of important
things.  Lets take a look at what?s going on here, and why this works:   

?   You are showing every woman you meet that you are a fun guy with a great

?   Since you are only talking to each group for a short time and you are the one
that is ending the conversation, you show them that you aren?t desperate for
their attention and you create a challenge.  You leave them wanting more!   

?   You will be seen talking to lots of women, which will make you look desirable
and create competition.  This is known as ?Social Proof?, and creates a
presence with everyone around you. 

?   You are creating a familiarity with these women, so the next time you see
them, it?s like you are old buds!  The hardest part is behind you! 

Best of all, this format allows you to meet tons of women while naturally
walking around the club having fun.  You are going to have a GREAT time and
meet LOTS of people! 

I relate this structure to fishing, because it reminds me a TV special I saw
once on sharks.  When scientists want to catch some sharks to study, they dump
a bunch of blood and fish guts in the water to get them all riled up.  There?s
no real meat in there, but it lets the sharks know that there is something
around, and it gets them alert and looking for food.   

This is what you?re doing with your initial approach and takeaway.  You are
letting the girls know you?re in the house and that you are different from the
rest of the guys, and you keep them wanting more.  I think they said it best in
the movie ?Swingers?.  It?s all about letting the girls know that you?re money
and you?re ready to party!           

Starting the Frenzy

By the time you are finished with lap number one you will probably have talked
to 10-20 girls, some alone and some in groups.  There is no set time frame for
how long this should take, because every club is different and some
conversations will last longer than others.  Sometimes I will finish my first
lap without doing any approaches because there are no hot women in the bar.  In
those cases the first lap is usually my last!   

On your second go-round you are going to see a few or all of the girls you met
on the first pass, depending on the size of the club.  Of course some of them
will be in the bathroom, on the dance floor, gone home, etc., but new girls are
always emerging to take their places.  Don?t get lazy and leave them out of the

The girls that you are seeing for the second time already have a good
impression of you, and now they?ve seen you talking with lots of other women,
so they view you not only as ok to be seen with, but also as desirable to the
opposite sex.  I don?t need to tell you that this is a good thing!     

Now that you have gotten things brewing, it?s time to pull out the bait and see
if she grabs it!  Your bait is what you do when you see a girl or group of
women you have already approached.  The goal here is to have a conversation
start naturally, like it would if you had met them before. 

Your bait can be the same type of thing you did the first time (Eg. Get her
laughing with a joke about something in the club, tell a short funny story, ask
her a question, etc.) or something on a smaller scale, like a look and a smile.
Other things you could do would be to give her a high five, touch her glass
with yours as you walk by and say ?cheers?, or my personal favorite, and accuse
her of following you, and tell her to stop!   

From now on every time you see her throw her some kind of bait and see if she
grabs on to it.  By throwing the bait you are giving her an easy way to start
talking to you, and that is what you are waiting for.  For instance, if you
make a joke, see if she makes a funny comment back.  If you touch her glass and
say ?cheers?, she might ask you what you?re drinking.  She may say something
unrelated to your bait, like ?Nice necklace? or ?Where did you get that ring??
If she asks you a question it?s always a good sign.  One that I here all of the
time is, ?You look familiar?Where do I know you from??  To this I answer, ?Do
you watch adult movies?? 

If she doesn?t take the bait keep on walking!  Some girls will take the bait
right away and a conversation will start naturally, and other conversations
might not happen until you have seen them 5 or 6 six times.  That?s a good
thing, because every time you see her you are reminding her about you and
building anticipation.

The most important thing you are doing here that most guys miss is that you are
setting yourself up as a challenge.  People don?t value what they don?t have to
work for, and to most women, especially attractive women, men are too easy! 

Imagine if you were a beautiful woman, and you had guys kissing your ass and
begging to be with you your entire life.  It gets old fast, and when a woman
like this meets a man who doesn?t put her on a pedestal and makes her chase
after him, it drives her crazy! 

Every woman loves a challenge, and this will separate you from 99% of the guys
out there.  Ask a few girls you know about this, and ask them to describe how a
man can be a challenge to them.  You will gain some really valuable insight. 

The familiarity that this method creates is one of the reasons why it is so
effective.  If you do your job on the first contact with a new girl, or group
of girls, the next time you see them they will remember you and all of their
walls will have come down.

This plays a HUGE part when you are dealing with groups, because when women go
out they will naturally try to keep their friends together and keep them from
getting hit on.  If you approach the group as a whole a few times and show them
what type of person you are, it will make it much easier to isolate your target
when that time comes.  Instead of the girls being cautious about their friend
leaving, they will be jealous! 

Reeling in the Fish

After a few rounds in the club you are probably going to have a one or two
women that you have a really good feeling about.  Maybe the two of you had a
great conversation, maybe she  ?accidentally? touched your arm a few too many
times, or maybe she is just the hottest woman you?ve talked to all night.
Either way, it?s time to close the deal!

Now that you have it narrowed down it?s ok to seek your woman out, and the
sooner the better.  Make sure you stick with the bait formula.  When you find
her say something funny, ask her a question, or make a comment about something
to give her the opportunity to start a conversation.

If she?s with her group of friends, it?s time to isolate her and make your
move!  You don?t have to take her away from her friends completely, but it is
important to get into a one-on-one conversation with her. 

Remember, the main reason her friends may try to ?cockblock? is because they
aren?t sure if their friend is into you and they want to ?save? her.  Hopefully
when you were making your rounds you talked to the group as a whole, or they at
least saw their friend give you a positive reaction.  This familiarity will
give you a big advantage. 

To be continued...         


Ending Conversations

It?s always good to end a conversation first, and a great way to do it is to
say, ?Hey it was nice meeting you?I?m gonna catch up with my friends.  Maybe
I?ll see you later?. 

Saying ?maybe? is very important.  It shows that you don?t care if you do see
her again, and it leaves her wondering if you will.  If you say, ?I?ll catch up
with you later? she knows that she is gonna see you again and it removes part
of the mystery and the challenge that women need to feel attraction.   

On Group Approaches and Cock Blocks

If a girl is with her friends but they are out of earshot or already talking to
others, it is ok to single her out and talk to her by herself.  If her friends
come back and interrupt don?t worry about it?It?s their job to watch out for
their friend.  Think nothing of it and include her friends in the conversation. 

If one of her friends completely captures her attention for more than a few
seconds, don?t stand around like a puppy!  If you were just throwing a little
bait and the two of you hadn?t really started talking yet, keep right on
walking without saying anything.  If the conversation was flowing nicely you
can do one of two things. 

Your first option is to end the conversation as you normally would, but shorten
it to, ?Maybe I?ll see you later? and walk away.  If it?s really on or it?s
getting late and your not sure if you will see her again, turn away at least 90
degrees and do something.  Light a smoke, order a drink, check your phone, etc,
and wait for HER to come back to YOU.  If she doesn?t come back, either start
talking to someone else or walk away.  When you see her again she will respect
you for being your own person and not waiting around like a chump.     

On-Going Cycle

The nice thing about this cycle is that it doesn?t limit itself to one night,
because you are always meeting new girls and throwing bait to old ones.  I used
to live in a smaller town with only 3 bars, and at the end of every night there
would be certain girls that I had talked too only once and others that I had
talked too 3 or 4 times a night for months. 

Some of the girls would come around eventually and we would end up hooking up,
while others became great bar buddies that would introduce me to their cute
girlfriends!  Damn I love this stuff! 

When I moved to a bigger city I thought it would be different since there are
literally hundreds of bars here, but I learned that every town has it?s own bar
scene and you will always run into a lot of the same people.  The cycle

The Natural Way

When I go out to a club I look like a normal, social guy that happens to get a
lot of women.  No one would ever label me a ?Lounge Lizard? or a ?Pimp?,
because to the untrained eye and the women around, it appears as though I am
just hanging out like everyone else, and having a little bit more fun.  This is
very important because if a woman thinks you are a pick up artist and you do
this all the time, you will have to work ten times harder to make it happen. 

I have a friend that I go out clubbing with all of the time, but we never
really talk about techniques since we have very different styles.  He overheard
me explaining this method to someone and said, ?You mean you are actually doing
something when you are walking around like that??  And I hit the town with this
guy all the time!

This format is designed to be a natural way to meet women.  If you want to grab
a drink or have a smoke along the way, feel free.  You are there to have a
great time!  If you run into some of your buddies, by all means stay and have a
beer.  If you run into some girls that you know, stay and chat longer because
the other girls in the club will see you (social proof) and your girlfriends
may know some cuties that you should meet!
15  Encyclopedia / ReadMe First! / Secret Society (Tyler Durden) on: February 06, 2007, 11:07:22 PM
Secret Society

by Tyler Durden

Many guys will dislike this, because it implies that women are sluts and untrustworthy. Well, I can only speak from my experience and report back what I've seen. I'm also posting in a semi-satirical tone - I haven't gone off the deepend..... yet... Smiley

A secret society exists. Around 52% of people on this earth are a part of it.

Of that 52%, 50% are women, 2% are men.

Of that 2%, 1% of those men are gay, the other 1% are players.

What I'm talking about is the sex secret society - and you are either *IN* or *OUT*.


1) Don't talk about the secret society.

2) The priority of the secret society is to have perpetually good emotions in all members.

3) Create shrowds around the secret society, like "all men are dogs". Hide the truth that women are far more likely to cheat than men.

4) If you are part of the secret society, you will never be denied anything at any point.

5) If you are not part of the secret society, you will scrap and beg for everything you get.

6) Communication in the secret society is less often verbal, and more often spoken through bodylanguage subcommunications, and verbal subcommunications that would only make sense to members. Any other way, and the 48% of men would pick up on it, and it would no longer be a secret.

7) At the first sign that someone who is not part of the secret society is possibly trying to pretend that he is, barate him with both love-rhetoric, and accusations of chauvanism and nit-witted-ness.

It's OK to cheat on someone who is not a part of the secret society, so long as it is for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of someone who is, or if it to fulfill your own needs and it is with someone who is a part of the secret society. Sleeping with a rare guy from the secret society is no worse than grinding with a girlfriend at a club and making out with her. "It doesn't count".

9) Nobody judges eachother in the secret society. There is no such thing as a slut. A slut is only as slutty as people who are NOT in the secret society are aware of.

10) Secret society members COME FIRST. If someone in the society is not having fun with an interaction, it is cut off. Conversely, if a secret society male is with a non-secret-society male, and a secret society female (all females) decides she wants sex from the secret society male, the friend of the female may have sex with the non-secret-society male, because EVERYONE in the interaction must feel good. However, if the non-secret-society male is blowing himself out so badly that he makes the female member feel very bad emotions, then the secret-society-male must face the consequences of bringing negative emotions into the equation, and lose out on his privilege for sex in that interaction, until he ditches the non-secret-society male. Bear minimum requirements for non-secret-society males being grandfathered in with the male member, is that he not qualify himself or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Failing to meet those requirements, both are blown out.


Women are repressed by men, and so must look out for themselves. They will take care of:

1) Their own sexual needs.

2) The sexual needs of anyone in the secret society.

3) The sexual needs of the few males who make the secret society possible ("players").

The secret society is what allows women to appear wholesome and allows them to screen for a long term provider/emotionaltampon.

Women hold off to find the perfect boyfriend, while sleeping with a guy who is likely sleeping with all of their friends, and their friends friends.

They also fuck their gay boyfriends or jerk them off or give them head. They're part of the secret society too, so they can't be left out.

EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS FROM SECRET SOCIETY INSIDERS (based on dozens of interviews I did over the summer, with girls in London England, as well as some from my own experience as a player):

1) If you tell a girl that you're gay, and that you want to "see what it feels like to be with a girl", she'll sleep with you. She won't insist on using a condom either, unless you do. You're part of the secret society, where condoms aren't necessary because they are logical entities and not emotionally relevant.

2) If you subcommunicate that you are a part of the secret society, and tell the friend of your target "I'm really lonely. My girlfriend cheated on me, and I need to re-validate myself tonight", she'll tell her friend to fuck you. Her friend will realize from this that you are a part of the secret society, and she'll fuck you. Moreover, if the friend refuses, the ugly girl will offer you a blowjob to help you out.

3) If you manage to verbally subcommunicate that you are a member (its still subcommunication, because the verbal ways you communicate it aren't direct at all), the secret society members will gladly tell you all about their sexual exploits and adventures. As soon as you subcommunicate that you desire romance, she will immediately retract all of her previous statements (and she'll look completely congruent doing so), and downplay them that it was something she did just one time and that she's looking for a relationship.
PUA: "I love to go out and hook up. I hate it when girls try to run my life"..
HB: "Me too.. I hooked up with guys all last year.. My boyfriend tried to control me, but I do what I want.. My girlfriends all do it too."
PUA: "Really? Cause to be honest, I've always felt like I'm a romantic guy.. And girls always cheat on me.. I want to find a girl who won't cheat."
HB: "I would never cheat. Guys are dogs. I'm always loyal."
PUA: "But didn't you say..."
HB: "No, I said nothing."
PUA: "No, you said that you don't let your boyfriend control you and you do what you want."
HB: "No, I didn't mean that. I'm not a slut. I have no idea what you're talking about, I didn't say that."

4) If you are a member, and say that you are really lonely and you need someone to snuggle and makeout with, all members of the secret society will agree to do so with you. If you are a girl, you have privilege to snuggle and kiss and sleep in the same bed as all other girls. If you are gay, you can do the same. If it escalates to sex, its an accident and does not count. If you're a player, and you make girls around you emotional, and the friends are all in good emotions about it, they sleep with you. No one is a slut in the secret society, because the secret society does not judge.

5) If a group of girls living together find a guy who is in the secret society, they will all fuck him. They'll recommend him as an honourary secret society member, and enjoy him. Meanwhile they may be in relationships with non-secret society members that they've fallen in love with, however this is not an issue because nobody in the secret society judges and sex with people in the secret society does not count. If you are a secret society member now, but in the past enjoyed a romantic relationship, what you may not realize is the part that was left out of the romance novel story (due to rules no1&2 of the secret society code), which was that after you dropped her off your romantic star watching, a secret society member came by and fucked the shit out of her without a condom and gave her the money shot all over her face.

6) If a secret society male has a non member male friend, the friend of the girl who wants sex from the male member will have sex with the non-member even if she doesn't like him. However, rules state that if if the non-member is "creepy/scary" (kinos too much, leans in too much, asks dumb questions, tries too hard to impress, overqualifies), then the male member will be expected to return either alone or with another male member. Also, the male members must remember that positive emotions are always priority, and if he is alone he must still maintain the positive emotions of the female member who will not be getting sex, secret society rules not to be breached. Number 1 rule of the secret society, outside of not talking about it, is that EVERYONE maintains GOOD emotions.


The 49% of men who live outside of the secret society don't understand the mental model of attraction of people who are in the secret society.

Men view attraction in their MALE MENTAL MODELS. They believe that attraction is "sexual aggression". They understand attraction as having a physical urge to have sex, and then mentally deciding that you will go after it.

They try to seduce women by touching and grabbing them, and getting them very horny. They try to seduce them in the SAME WAY that a woman would do well seducing THEM. They try to seduce them as if they were seducing a GUY. This sometimes works, and the propaganda is spread - "this is how to get chicks".

Secret society members will not fill them in, due to breach of the code.

What the secret society members are not telling you, is that they understand that most sex occurs when women are not sexually AGGRESSIVE, but sexually RECEPTIVE.

They understand that for women to be ready for sex, they need not feel horny, they need only feel EMOTIONAL.

They understand that women are not logical, and that they are emotional. They understand that for women sex is not a big deal at all, and that its their LOGIC that puts the breaks on it.

They understand that most women are afraid of sex because they lack TRUST, and because their LOGIC is putting on the breaks.

They disarm logic by making the women EMOTIONAL, so that their LOGIC (which is the BREAKS of emotion) becomes disarmed, and at the same time maintain TRUST, so that the emotions generated won't be interfered with.

Then they simply have sex, because although the women are not WANTING sex, they are too EMOTIONAL to DECLINE sex. Then, once they BEGIN to have a physical interaction, the women become horny and sexually aggressive as a result, and sex begins.

(NOTE: This is why girls must COCKBLOCK for eachother. Because they know that clubs are emotionally charged environments, and that it wouldn't take much for a guy to use her resulting sexual receptiveness to lay her. The guy may not be a guy that the girl would lay normally, were she feeling more logical, so the girls must look out for eachother. Guys don't need to do this because firstly, they will not be judged for sleeping around (no logic), secondly, they are sexually aggressive - not receptive - so their decisions will not be regretted later usually, and thirdly, because they do not need trust because they are not usually in any physical danger).

They also understand that value + trust + attraction = sex (rough lazy model).

Value = being someone in the secret society (it can also be SO many other things, but being a member can in some cases be sufficient)

Trust = not telegraphing interest

Attraction = increasing her buying temperature by making her emotional (emotionally aroused, not necessarily physically aroused.. the former will cause her to be too illogical to prevent you from causing the latter, when she's ready)

Don't tell anyone about this. All knowledge will be denied and you will be ridiculed.

Tyler Durden
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