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Author Topic: WR: Ashton's Theory Of Winjutsu  (Read 2839 times)
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« on: April 20, 2012, 10:02:17 PM »

Being a good seducer doesn't guarantee you're a good wingman. In fact many things that are second nature to the seducer should be avoided as a wing and vice versa.

The roll of the wingman is a tactical one. I call my style of winging Winjutsu because I liken it to that of a ninja on the battlefield. You are a shadow warrior whose job is to facilitate as smooth an interaction as possible between the seducer & his target, without anyone knowing you're doing anything at all. You must stay one step a head of the seducer & two steps a head of his target at all times.

The community is full of great information on attracting women but I feel the crucial skill of being a good wing has been massively neglected. This has motivated me to write this 'Wing Report' to share my personal theories on what to do in order to be a good wing.

Without further adieu.. Ashton's Theory Of Winjutsu.

Act 1 - Preparing the scene for a smooth interaction:
The tale begins on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I'm enjoying a round of day game with my good friend MastRMind. We bump into a non-community friend & decide take a coffee break. My friend joins us making a party of three.

I order first, my non-community friend is second. A sexy brunette joins the line. She is tall & slender. A natural beauty for whom we'll refer too as HBFashion. MastRMind opens & they begin to chat. I recognise the spark igniting between them. My job begins.

I scan the room for spare tables. My goal is to find one that is located on the route that HBFashion must take to leave. My motivation for this is to give MastRMind another opportunity to invite her to join us if he hasn't when he sits down. I choose a table near the door.

The Cafe's tables are small & usually set with only three seats. We are a party of three already so the first thing I do is grab a seat from an empty table & add it to ours. This will avoid any awkwardness if HBFashion wants to join us & doesn't have anywhere to sit. The last thing I want is for her to feel like she is imposing on our group.

My non-community friend joins the table. I instruct him to sit next to me, preventing him from physically blocking HBFashion from MastRMind.

MastRMind arrives & takes his seat. It turns out my motivation for table selection was on point. He had a good interaction in line but hadn't asked her to join us. I tell him to invite her over, he does. Our location makes this natural as neither party has to go out of their way. HBFashion joins the table & they're able to spend enough time together to build enough of an emotional connection to solidify a D2. This is what it all comes down to in the end.

Act 2 - Performing The Balancing Act At Dinner:
In seduction I believe comparing personal levels of value is given too much emphasis. I am speaking specifically in the context of me comparing what I perceive my level of value is, to what I perceive is the level of someone elses. I don't mean in the sense of me giving value by doing something to benefit another. Doing things for others is great, comparing or ranking yourself next to others is not.

The act of comparison can take a seducer inside their head. It opens the door for self doubt & can cause a loss of awareness of the present moment. This is never a good thing.

On the flipside - in the context of a wingman being mindful of your level of value compared to the seducer's is really important. There is nothing worse than a wingman who joins a set, starts talking themselves up & then detracts from the seducer. This balancing act is probably the hardest part of winging to get right. With that in mind the story continues..

Later that day MastRMind & I organised to have dinner at a local restaurant. MastRMind invited HBFashion to join us. She happily obliged. Over the course of the dinner we shared great conversation.

Conversing is much easier while winging as there is no pressure to perform. This is something a good wing should be aware of. My goal was to continue to show HBFashion that MastRMind has cool friends without overshadowing or stealing his thunder. I didn't want to build attraction between her & myself. I achieved this a number of ways, on top of being mindful of my value as previously mentioned.

During the conversation I focused on facilitating a flow of attention between HBFashion & MastRMind, rather than trying to hold it for any length myself. This meant listening mostly & only speaking here and there. I was never too quiet that it would be awkward but I didn't go into the same detail I normally would. I would drop the odd compliment for MastRMind when appropriate.

Another thing I would do every so often was txt other friends & play on my phone. This tactical ploy gave them an opportunity to talk amongst themselves as well as politely but subtlety showing HBFashion disinterest.

Act 3 - Exit Stage Left:
After dinner we hit our local. I found a table & once again chose a seat that would allow MastRMind to be next to HBFashion. I made a point of leaving the table & returning periodically, giving them extended periods of privacy till eventually I met with another friend & casually flew off leaving them to it. My work was done. Excellent.

Additional Points:

Entering/Exiting Sets & Venues:
- Only wing a set if its necessary. Don't just blindly enter for the sake of it. Look first.

- In sets with 3 or more members if the seducer is talking to his target & her friends are entertaining themselves - don't enter. You're only needed if the friend's want the targets attention.

- When leaving a set or venue the wing should go without making their departure known if possible. There is no reason to highlight you're going. All you achieve is giving the woman an opportunity to question whats going on now she's left with the seducer, or giving reason to question where his other friends are. He may have no others around. Either way you're potentially snapping them out of the moment & negatively effecting the dynamic of the set. Just leave & send a txt if necessary.

Body Positioning:
- Be tactical with your body positioning. Avoid physically blocking the seducer from his target. Avoid letting others do it too. If you're sitting down, take the seat that lets him sit next to the target.

- If you know who the target is & you're joining a set to engage the friends - position yourself at an angle that causes them to turn their back to the target in order to face you.

Final Thoughts:
Being a good wing is as much an art as being a good seducer. Everything I've documented here is done with the goal of facilitating as smooth an interaction as possible. No one knows as I'm doing them. They're all simple yet make a massive different in the context of an entire pick up. As the wing it's your job to foresee such issues so the seducer can focus on seducing.

Now, go forth and harness the power of your Winjutsu & remember..

"real friends get YOU laid"

Ashton Suave - Professor of the Science of Intimate Relationships
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