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Author Topic: RSD Tim Seminar Writeup (Mav of LondonSeductionSociety)  (Read 13905 times)
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« on: March 05, 2007, 12:03:36 AM »

Copied from: http://www.realsocialdynamics.com/community/showthread.php?t=4334

Hi Guys,

Tim from RSD gave a free seminar a couple of weeks ago to the LSS community which im sure some of you were at as well. I documented it for a couple of my wings that couldnt make it and thought i would share it with this board as there is some good stuff here...

note - The notes are just thrown down ? ive not tried to write it up fully?. Basically the whole thing is about taking pick up to the next level. The level where you are a Fuck worthy guy (see later for explanation of this).

Inner Game (first 30 mins)

You MUST NOT GIVE A FUCK about anyone else in the club or what they think

You must build up your energy in the club before you do anything else.

Imagine the ?lord stance? standing up with arms outstretched to either side commanding your space to get into state

Everything is a lot more cool than it really is and EVERYTHING IS COOL. Even that cigarette but on the floor is the coolest fucking butt you have ever seen, look at the lipstick marks on it etc etc. You MUST ACT IN A POSITIVE STATE to everything. Do not go the way of the dark side and see negativity in anything. Create your own party with your wing, start talking about shit and how cool it is, get into state together and just vibe with each other. It doesn?t matter what its about eg I fucking love lizards, they are so cool, just lazing out in the sun, relaxing, (turn to girl) ? hey, what do you think about lizards ? they are fucking cool aren?t they? etc etc. It?s a getting into state thing, its about being totally confident and totally cool and dominant.

Girls are 5 year old kids until they prove otherwise. You are not to give a fuck about whatever ANY GIRL THINKS. She is a child, play with her and toy with her but don?t care what she thinks EVER.

The Rosetta Stone (3 stones)

The RSD guys have this idea of a rosetta stone and 3 key parts to having the complete stone which you need for successful pickup?

1st Key to the stone is the 3 levels of rapport.

Ok this is kind of hard to put into words but ill try for you boys?

Level 1 ? trying to get rapport. Basically this is what most chodes (AFC?s in RSD language) do. There voice intonation rises at the end of their question. Whats your name? would be said with a rise in voice, would be submissive in body language and would be seen to be try hard!!

Level 2 ? Neutral rapport ? Your voice intonation is level at all times. Its matter of fact. Its how you would introduce yourself to a new work colleague. Its neutral. Its confident. Its strong.

Level 3 ? Breaking rapport ? is where you are a bit aggressive. ?whats your name? would be like how a teacher or a bouncer would ask your name. Its an aggressor way. Your body language is very strong to the point of over powering. You definitely do not give a fuck when you are using this level of rapport.

Basically you must always be neutral to breaking in your rapport/body language. You don?t give a fuck. You are coming from a strong/powerful frame. You are commanding respect. You expect her to answer no matter how shit the question. U are presenting value right from the start. The further you go into breaking the more you put the girl on the back foot. You need to calibrate the level you

2nd Key to the stone the type of person you are

There are 4 levels of dude?

Level 1 (Chode) ? this is the bottom guy. He is fully predictable. Mr Nice guy. He will call next day and try to get her to dinner, several dates on he will try and kiss her etc etc. The moment he says ?hi, can I buy you a drink? she knows exactly how her life with this guy is going to be mapped out. His chat is boring, he uses weak body language and lifts his voice at the end of the

Level 2 (Mr Bearable) ? This is Mr average. She is like ?ok, ho humm, she bears him, maybe she is winging her mate who has the hot one, whatever. This guy is still too predictable but may have some things going for him that gets him laid once in a while. This is where most of us probably were before we found the community.

Level 3 (Interesting, intriguing, entertaining guy) ? This guy is where almost everyone in the community is. They get good results, can open sets and keep people interested, talk about interesting unusual things, can spike interest and can probably close a reasonable chunk of girls to ?day 2s?. The problem with this level is that when the material runs out and he stops being so entertaining she loses some of her interest. Depending on how quick he has been to close her this may or may not lead to LJBF before the lay.

Level 4 (fuck worthy guy). This guy does not give a fuck about anything. Everything he does is effortless. He can get away with pretty much everything. He is strong, confident and doesn?t seem to follow any specific ?game plan?. Girls are thinking ?im gonna fuck this guy? I need to close him?. They are like ?what the fuck? when he moves away or pays interest elsewhere. He is totally Unpredictable and seems to bounce around all over the place. He involves her in the conversation A LOT? it is not him presenting material although he is totally dominant in guiding the interaction (see later example).

The only think that seperates these levels is PREDICTABILITY. If you are talking about random stuff in your life and bouncing around and ?vibing? you are being the life and soul of the party. Do not try and join her party, bring her into your world. If she starts telling you boring shit cut it off and move it back into interesting stuff about you. This is not you talking not stop, you MUST INVOLVE HER A LOT, its just you are involving her in your life and not trying to build rapport around stuff she likes.

The fuck worthy guy is like this when he gets into a club. Its like he is the Terminator and has the Terminator screen in front of him. All you are thinking about is ?GIRL, HOT GIRL, GET HOT GIRL? as you scan the room and then move in. You DO NOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE. Not your openers, what the room is like, ANYTHING. If you have been vibing with your wing this is easy anyway as you can just spark off into whatever. The only think you should be watching her for is HER ENERGY LEVELS. Your sole aim is to spark her energy levels? to create a spike in her energy? like a spike on a heart monitor on your ?terminator screen?. To do this you just pound LEFT FIELD questions at her?

3rd Key to the stone ? Conversation (Plot lines)

Ok this is where the guys have really been doing some work on how to VERY VERY QUICKLY SPARK attraction to allow closes within 10-15 minutes. Its based around vibing but the good news is that there is a structure that they use. They call it ?you are my new?..?

The instructor then gave an example of a classic type pick up in a club that we would do? with an opinion opener followed by ?how do you all know each other? and then attempt to move into a story blah blah. He did this well (as you would expect) and used very strong neutral to breaking rapport body language but you could still feel that it just wasn?t as good as it could be.

He then showed a ?fuck worthy guy? pick up? (I didn?t take full notes but ill try to recreate it)

Hey, (uses a grab see later in this article), I?m Tim (shakes hand). You look kinda cute? for the next 5 minutes (time constraint) you and me, we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. How would you hold my hand? (she holds his hand ? kino). Tim says ?nice? good strong grip? and then starts swinging his arm forward and backwards. He is relaxed and in control and not in a hurry. He looks at her and smiles. ?so where are we going on holiday?? she answers with something and he replies ?nah, fuck that, lets go to Barcelona. Have you ever been to Barcelona its totally cool? she answers X and he says ?so what shall we do there? and a couple more questions. Then he creates a reason for them to split up and does the ?break up?, followed by a couple more questions about how bad she was and then he allows her to try and get back together again with make up sex type stuff and bits of cocky funny stuff along the way. He uses big hugs on her. He then says that he has something bad to tell her. That he cheated on her with her best friend and then goes on to tell a story about going camping with her best friend, and how she went to have a swim in this lake, and she went in skinny dipping and he followed in to wash but then this shark comes along and he had to wrestle the shark and rescue her best friend who then just started making out with him on the edge of the lake and one thing just led to another.

He then says ?only kidding? and gives her a big hug. ?you don?t have to worry? and carries on the interaction. This is about 10 minutes in now im guessing (I?ve shortened it a bit).

Basically this type of strategy is similar to the Tyler ?pebbles? ideas its all about sparking her imagination. Its involving her in the interaction. It allows you to include all techniques like cockyfunny/future projection/kino/statements of intent/pushpull etc etc. Cause its play acting it also lowers her defences to play along. It builds attraction FAST. Its interesting and its fun.

This plot lines idea can be extended to other types of stuff?. Such as?. You are my new?.. Girlfriend, bodyguard, personal assistant, superhero. personal shopper etc etc. Think of the plot line and then vibe off that wherever it leads. Its like good impro.. Make it fun, play around with wherever it goes, don?t block, vibe with her, be playful and use a lot of push/pull.

You can also use ?we are getting married? ?we are doing X? ?we are X? as further plot line starts.


You must be looking to spark and spike her

Remember we are doing all this shit so that we are entertaining OURSELVES? not her. We don?t give a FUCK about her.

Generate some party every time no matter what. You are the coolest guy on the planet.

Note ? you must build in kino as part of these plot lines


The guys showed 3 kino things they do in the field to be dominant and fuck worthy guys. These are often used to get attention at the start of the interaction rather than as traditional ?kino? type moves you have been taught in the past (which are all still relevant btw)

Kino 1 ? The magical tap of desire. This move is best described as follows? assume she is at the bar with her back to you. Take your peter pointer and middle finger in a two finger together movement and firmly tap her on her shoulder. Use ?hey? as well to get her attention. Then say something?.

Kino 2 ? The claw of destiny. Take your hand and curl it up as if you were holding a hand sized ball. Now imagine that ?claw? with fingers pointing down. Now the move with the claw is to lock in on her shoulder with it as you put your arm round her. Or around two girls for a group hug. Once the claw is on though its firmly in place. There is a song that goes with the claw which you can sing in your head ?THE CLAW ALWAYS WINS, THE CLAW ALWAYS WINS, HAVE NO FEAR, JUST CLAW THEM IN?

As part of an example of using the claw he showed a reinteraction with a girl? and used the following line which was quite good ?I will pursue you harder than any guy on this planet? so play nicely? and then when she started to play he withdrew and said she was boring.

Kino 3 ? The snatch and grab of glory. Imagine you are talking to a wing or a girl and a really hot target comes walking past. Reach out and grab her arm above the wrist firmly and say ?hey? to get her attention. This will stop her in her tracks. Note you have not turned towards her, your body language is pointing to your wing/original girlie. The grab is a firm grasp, its firm but not OTT.

Note ? you must have 100 PERCENT conviction that these will work to pull them off. Anything below this and she will sense it and you will look needy or worse.

Closing comments
Being in the field is a celebration of you. Its your core on show.

Girls are just as insecure and AFC as guys.

It?s a given that you and her are gonna fuck. You are a fuck worthy guy now.

Interestingly RSD are not fans of running lots of sets. The instructors when they are out are usually doing 1 or 2 sets and that is it. They get in there, build a spark, isolate and get the close. Running loads of sets and getting loads of numbers is fools mate (they call this getting wood)

You can also fake buying temperature for her my pretending you are feeling what she is feeling? ?im feeling that funny feeling inside my tummy, you are making me feel like kissing you, you are driving me crazy, what is so different about you I feel funny? etc etc

When you get to kiss close you MUST NOT be the make out guy in the corner for hours. These guys look like they are getting lucky but MOST DON?T. The ones that get lots of lays are the ghosts you don?t see snogging away. They have isolated and extracted to sex location without getting the girl validated too much (by over snogging in the venue). ?make and break? first. Be the one to start snogging and stop snogging.

As a final point how would you rate your own game at the moment. The only answer to this is ?it?s a fucking TEN?. If everything you do you think it?s a ten then it will be a ten (even if it isn?t) and you need this attitude to be completely congruent with whatever you are saying.

That?s all the good stuff from the evening. Overall was pretty cool and nice to see the demonstrations ? much easier than trying to pick this up off the written page.


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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2008, 01:22:58 PM »

The fuck worthy guy is like this when he gets into a club. Its like he is the Terminator and has the Terminator screen in front of him. All you are thinking about is ?GIRL, HOT GIRL, GET HOT GIRL? as you scan the room and then move in. You DO NOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE. Not your openers, what the room is like, ANYTHING. If you have been vibing with your wing this is easy anyway as you can just spark off into whatever. The only think you should be watching her for is HER ENERGY LEVELS. Your sole aim is to spark her energy levels? to create a spike in her energy? like a spike on a heart monitor on your ?terminator screen?. To do this you just pound LEFT FIELD questions at her?

I dont fully understand this. By left field does he mean questions that are weird and she wouldn't have heard before like ''How do you like to eat your mountain oysters?''  ??

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« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2008, 11:01:53 PM »

I'd say it would be to do with calibration, you want to ask question that are "out of left field". But you need to strike that balance between "weird" & "unlike anybody she has ever met before"

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« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2010, 07:51:59 PM »

Just reread this it means exactly this random as things that will spike her emotions ie have you eaten mountain oysters. emotions go who is this guy wtf are mountain oysters where did this guy come from etc

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« Reply #4 on: October 21, 2011, 10:30:13 AM »

This is actually a blow by blow description of Tim's presentation on RSD's Transformations.


There's some Youtube clips here



It's a damn solid piece.


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